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Jedi Survivor: How To Beat Skoova In Holotactics

Unable to win against Skoova? Check out our guide on how to beat Skoova in Jedi Survivor Holo Tactics.

Once you unlock Holotactics in Jedi Survivor, you will face Skoova as one of your opponents in the side game. Unlike the usual three waves, you must survive and best Skoova in four different waves for this battle. For that, you must smartly use a strategy against the various units of your opponent. So, you might need some help defeating Skoova in Holotactics. Not to worry, check out our guide for some tips on how to beat Skoova in Holotactics.

How to Beat Skoova in Holotactics of Star Wars Jedi Survivor

how to beat skoova holotactics jedi survivor

While fighting against Skoova in Holotactics, you will notice that the vendor relies on ranged units. These ranged units are mostly shielded and can destroy your units in no time if not dealt with a strategy. You must use your units while saving up the battle points for the next waves accordingly.

So, here are our suggested units to win every wave against Skoova in Holotactics:

Wave 1

  • x4 Rawka units (5 BP)
  • x1 Raider Grunt (3 BP)
    • Total Battle points used: 8
    • Total Battle Points saved: 5

For the first Holotactics wave, place the four Rawka units opposite to one another. Then, you should place a single Raider Grunt in the middle of your team setup. Until the Rawkas overthrow Skoova’s units, the Raider Grunt will take care of the remaining units of Skoova’s army.

Wave 2

  • x7 B1 Droids – Melee (1 BP)
  • x1 Droideka (12 BP)
    • Total BP used: 19
    • Total BP saved: 8

During this wave, your placed B1 droids in the front will distract your opponent’s units. While Skoova’s opponents engage with those droids, the Droideka unit can use ranged attacks against them.

Wave 3

  • x2 Droideka (12 BP)
  • x5 B1 Droids (3 BP)
    • Total BP used: 29
    • Total BP saved: 3

Now, for this wave, place both of your Droideka units at both ends of your team setup. As this wave will pit you against a huge creature, more B1 droids can be a distraction. On the other hand, the two Droideka units will deal the most damage to your enemy’s units.

Wave 4

  • x2 Droideka (12 BP)
  • x1 B1 Droid
    • Total BP used: 25

Finally, we recommend going full-tank power with your two Droideka units. Place your Droideka units in the back at both ends of your team setup. Although the B1 droid will be the first unit to be taken out, your remaining units can lead you to victory.

Once you have defeated Skoova, you will unlock the Mustache Cosmetic as a reward. You can get the Gambler Trophy after beating all the Holo tactics opponents in Jedi Survivor.

Note that you might need to fight against Skoova multiple times even with our above-suggested units and strategy. That’s because the Holotactics and their results are all up to the RNG. So, you can also experiment or improvise the above strategy to win against Skoova. 

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