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How To Beat Greez In Holotactics Jedi Survivor

Can't clear Greez's three waves? Find out the best units to choose and beat Greez In Holotactics Jedi Survivor.

Greez is one of the eight Holotactics opponents that you will meet in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you have your eyes set on the “Gambler” trophy, then you will need to defeat all eight opponents in this minigame. The Latero male Greez is Cal’s trusted ally. However, if you want to progress in the minigame, you will have to clear out his wave units. This guide will show you how to beat Greez in Jedi Survivor Holotactics.

How to Defeat Greez in Holotactics of Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To beat Greez in Holotactics Jedi Survivor, you must combine ranged and melee units. These units can massively help you get past the three waves in the minigame. And since you’ll be earning Battle Points for clearing each Wave, it’s vital that you spend them wisely. While choosing units, you should not only focus on getting the best ones but also use as few BP as possible. We found that the Droideka was the best-ranged unit to tackle Greez across all waves. Mentioned below are all the units you need to have to beat Greez across three waves.

Wave 1 Greez Holotactics

Greez Holotactics Wave 1 (Source: Somewhat Awesome Games YouTube)
  • 1x Droideka (12 BP)
  • 2x B1 Droid – Melee (2 BP)

Wave 2 Greez Holotactics Jedi Survivor

Greez Holotactics Wave 2 (Source: Somewhat Awesome Games YouTube)
  • 1x Droideka (12 BP)
  • 4x B1 Droid – Melee (4 BP)

Wave 3 Holotactics

Greez Holotactics Wave 3 (Source: Somewhat Awesome Games YouTube)
  • 1x Droideka (12 BP)
  • 2x Raider Grunt (3 BP)
  • 2x B1 Droid – Melee (2 BP)

As you can see above, the common factor in the units for all three waves is Droideka. Though it costs 12 BP, it can still help you walk over Greez’s units in each wave. The supporting units like B1 Droids and Raider Grunts can easily distract Greez’s army at the start of the battle.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Greez in Jedi Survivor Holotactics. Meanwhile, if you are struggling to overcome Tulakt’s waves, then here is how to beat Tulakt in Holotactics of Jedi Survivor. And for all other guides, check out our Jedi Survivor section on Gamer Tweak.