How To Beat Tulakt In Holotactics Mini-Game Jedi Survivor

Struggling to clear the three waves while fighting Tulakt in the mini game. Then find out how to defeat Tulakt in Jedi Survivor Holotactics.

Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a tactical mini-game that can help you get amazing rewards. You will have to use virtual units on the holographic board to defeat an opponent’s army. Once you unlock Holotactics in Jedi Survivor, you will come across eight different opponents in the mini-game. One of them is Tulakt, a fortune teller, whose units are quite hard to take down. If you are struggling to clear the three different Waves of his units then this guide is the one for you. Here is how to beat Tulakt in Holotactics.

How to Defeat Tulakt in Holotactics Jedi Survivor

To beat Tulakt in Jedi Survivor Holotactics, you will need to clear three different waves of his units. Tulakt will use a combination of Empire and Bedlam Raiders. To complete each wave, you should rely on strong melee units. Since each wave gives you a certain number of Battle Points, you should know how to use them to get the right units. Check out the below steps to beat Tulakt easily:

Wave 1

Tulakt Holotactics Wave 1 Jedi Survivor (Source: FP Good Game)

During the first wave, Tulakt will use Empire and Bedlam Raiders. You will have to spend 10 Battle Points in total to get the following units:

  • 2x Stormtrooper Commander (6 BP)
  • 1x Rawka (5 BP)

The Stormtrooper Commanders are the best-ranged units that you can get in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Pair them up with a strong melee unit like Rawka. The bird will swiftly charge Tulakt’s units while your troopers at the back will provide ranged support. This will help you clear Wave 1 in the Holotactics mini-game against Tulakt.

Wave 2 Tulakt in Holotactics Jedi Survivor

Tulakt Holotactics Wave 2 Jedi Survivor (Source: FP Good Game)
  • 3x B1 Droid (9 BP)
  • 2x Rawka (10 BP)

While fighting with Tulakt in the second wave, you will need to place three B1 Droids and two Rawkas in your team setup. They will cost you 19 Battle Points in total. However, these units will instantly overpower Tulakt’s army and help you clear Wave 2.

Wave 3

Tulakt Holotactics Wave 3 Jedi Survivor (Source: FP Good Game)
  • 1x Purge Trooper Commander (10 BP)
  • 2x Rawka (10 BP)

For the final wave, you should select two Rawkas for 10 Battle Points again. And right at the back, you must place one Purge Trooper Commander which costs 10 BP. This unit setup will easily help you overpower Tulakt’s units in Holotactics. However, if you can’t do it on the first attempt, then try again. The Holotactics mini-game is RNG based. This means that there is no certain setup or formation that can guarantee you a win. It is randomized, so, keep trying!

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Tulakt in Holotactics Jedi Survivor. For more stuff on the game, head to our Star Wars Jedi Survivor section on Gamer Tweak.