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How to Defeat Skjothendi In God of War Ragnarok?

Skjothendi the Unerring is one of twelve Berserker bosses in GOW Ragnarok. This guide will provide you with tricks on how to beat them to complete Fit for a King Favor.

Skjothendi is a part of Fit for a King Favor in God of War Ragnarok. There are 12 Berserker bosses and Skjothendi, the Unerring is one among them. It is tough to defeat Skjothendi because of its power, aerial attack, and power to disappear and spawn at a distance in a fight. No matter how quickly you move, you will fall in the range of his attack and lose health. He is located in the Mist Fields of Niflheim. You will need tricks to stun Skjothendi in GOW Ragnarok and the attack.


Tricks to Defeat Skjothendi, the Unerring

Skjothendi GOW Ragnarok

Before facing Skjothendi the Unerring let’s first learn about his attacks. So that you will know how to counter them. Skjothendi the Berserker uses Bifrost attack. The best way to counter this is through a shield. Skjothendi is fast and can quickly dodge away your attack. This is a trap, do not charge all the way to him. Instead, use Atreus or Freya’s arrows to break his attacks.

Skjothendi has combo attack patterns where he uses the Bifrost which is lethal. It can consume a good chunk of health if caught in the attack range. Make sure you have upgraded armor before dealing with the boss. Always be ready to dodge first, and when you see Skjothendi going airborne, run away. He will land on your head with a powerful attack, that cannot be countered.


Build Tips:

  • Strength – 300+
  • Defense – 300+
  • RNC – 150+
  • VIT – 100+
  • CLD – 100+
  • LCK – 100+
  • Armor – Level 7 or above.

Skjothendi has a few seconds of cool-down before he begins his attack. For example when Skjothendi unleashes a claw attack, dodges and hit from the backside. Use the Axe and you will get a chance to release a few powerful blows. Also, keep on commanding your companion to attack with arrows. Chances are you might land into some stun shots. Also here is the list of the best skills you will need in this fight.

  • Best Axe Skill To Tackle Skjothendi- Frost Awaken III
  • Best Ranged Skill To Tackle Skjothendi – Freezing Throw II
  • Best Melee Skill To Tackle Skjothendi – Whirlwind Sweep

Avoid using Rage unless you have a brief time to hit Skjothendi. If the boss is airborne you will lose valuable Rage time. Using it once is enough to dry out 50% of the boss’s health. Also, the skills above unlock them first and then use them in battle. Like Frost, Awaken III will release a powerful axe attack that Skjothendi cannot dodge or counter. You just have to be perfect with timing.

Rewards for Killing Skjothendi, the Unerring


Defeating Skjothendi, the Unerring will give you 3 Tempered Remnants, 40 Bonded Leathers & the same amount of Shattered Runes. You will get 1900XP for Kratos and more than 350 for your companion.

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