How To Beat Queen Gibdo In Zelda TOTK

Can't clear the Lightning temple? Here is how you can defeat Queen Gibdo in Legend of Zelda TOTK.

Out of the 4 temple bosses, Queen Gibdo is the hardest one to beat in Zelda TOTK (Tears of the Kingdom). To begin with, she is the enemy you need to defeat at the Lightning Temple, which is situated in the Gerudo desert. If you haven’t been here, just know that there are enemies known as Gibdo that are quite annoying to deal with.

She is a giant foe that has all sorts of attacks in her arsenal, from ranged sand beams to melee dash attacks. Luckily, all of them are pretty easy to deal with, after a bit of practice. So here are all the moves Queen Gibdo uses and how to counter them to defeat her in Legend of Zelda TOTK.

How to Beat Queen Gibdo in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (Moves & Counters)

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom tips to Defeat Queen Gibdo fast
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Using Lightning Attacks on Queen Gibdo is the fastest way to beat her. Make sure you carry plenty of arrows for this fight. It would also be useful to have Yellow Chuchu jellies or Shock Fruit. You can then fuse them with the arrows to get lightning arrows. The duplication glitch should help you out if you are short on these jellies or fruits. Make sure you also have a strong weapon and bombs. You can use bomb arrows to deal massive damage from a distance. Or if you have Master Sword with its best fusions or other stronger weapons you can spam your attacks after Stunning her. Here are the moves Queen Gibdo uses in the fight:

Phase 1

  • Sand beam: Queen Gibdo will strike you with a beam of sand. To dodge it simply run to either side of her just not directly towards or opposite from her. If you have Vow of Sidon then you can also use it to shield yourself.
  • Tornado attacks: Queen Gibdo will launch 5 tornados in your general direction. These spread wider the longer they travel so you can counter it by moving in the gap in between.
  • Charge Attack: After spamming your attacks when she is stunned. Queen Gibdo will charge at you, you can dodge this attack by running to the side to get away from her. Be careful, because it can deal your nearly 11 hearts damage.

Phase 2

  • Gibdo Summon: After depleting half her health you will start phase 2 of the fight. The first thing she does is summon Gibdos. She will activate the four towers in the room. It is very crucial you destroy these towers first else the fight will take a lot longer to complete. This is because the Gibdos will keep swarming you and will make the fight a lot tougher than it already is.

Aside from making you deal with the Gibdos, she will also be using all of her moves from the first phase and will be a lot more aggressive.

Tips to Defeat Queen Gibdo Fast in Zelda TOTK

  • Carry health-restoring food: One of the hardest things about this fight is how much damage Queen Gibdo can do to you. While you can do few things to limit that, make sure you at least carry enough food to restore your health to full. This will allow you to fight longer
  • Use meals that raise your stats: Be it your attack that you wish to improve or your defense, a good meal using Razorshroom and Ironshroom have you covered with it. These are just two ingredients that increase your attack and improve your defense. You can use other meals and elixirs as well for similar effects.
  • Wear the Right Armor: Changing your Armor set to Barbarian Set, Phantom Set, or Fierce Deity Set can help you increase your damage.
  • Shoot at her head: While attacking her body will also let you deal damage to her, aiming for the head always help. Especially when you are spamming your attacks while she is stunned.

That’s all you need to do to beat Queen Gibdo in Zelda TOTK. For more help on this game be sure to check out our Tears of the Kingdom section.