How To Beat Legion In Remnant 2 Easily (Boss Guide)

Keep dying at the hands of Legion or its minions? Use these counters for its moves to kill it quickly.

One of the many bosses that is you may find hard to beat in Remnant 2 is Legion. You can find it in The Twisted Chantry. While finding it isn’t the issue, defeating it is. Once you get past the doors, you will see a robed figure that has a weird eye for its head. Or rather an extension of its head. This thing can and will inflict Madness on you any chance it gets. And attacking the figure sitting on the throne seems to do no damage to it. So what are you supposed to do, when your attacks aren’t working and it continues to spawn enemies to keep you busy? You go for the head! Here are all the moves it uses in the fight and how to counter them to defeat Legion in Remnant 2.

How to Beat Legion in Remnant 2

how to Beat Legion fast in Remnant 2
Image Credit: Admiralvic on YouTube

You should spam your attacks on the floating eye, specifically when it glows to kill Legion fast. It mainly uses the following attacks in this fight:

  • Summon Enemies: Right from when the fight starts, Legion will spawn some enemies to attack you. While firing at the floating eye may come by easily. You shouldn’t lose sight on the mobs of enemies trying to come after you. Once they collect in numbers they can get overwhelming. Make sure you defeat them first or from time to time before you attack the eye.
  • Respawn Shockwave: The Robed figure will unleash a red-colored shockwave that not only respawns the fallen enemies but also damages you. This wave attack will pass through the wall so taking cover won’t be of any help. The best way to counter it is to roll through the shockwave instead of running away from it. Now, take care of the enemies and go back to shooting the eye.
  • Projectile attacks: The giant red floating eye will shoot red glowing orb-like projectiles at you. You can counter them by running away or rolling just before one hits you.
  • Madness screech: The Eye won’t directly hit you with most attacks in this fight, but via this move, it will. During this attack, it begins to glow bright red. This is your cue to unleash all your skills and attacks on it. The screech will also damage you and inflict Madness, but the damage you deal while it glows is way more than throughout the rest of the fight.

Counter the above moves and keep shooting at the Eye and you will have no trouble killing it. Make sure to take the fight slow at first to get used to its attack pattern. Because rushing if you aren’t prepared will most likely just get you killed.

That’s all you need to do to defeat Legion in Remnant 2. Since you are interested in this game you might also want to check out our guide on the best traits for all classes.