How To Beat Krauser In RE4 Remake (Normal & Transformed)

Here is how you can beat Krauser in both Chapters 11 and 14 in RE4 Remake.

Krauser is a tough boss to defeat in the new RE4 Remake. He is also a boss that appears in two different chapters of this game. And while most players can handle the first encounter with little to no trouble, the second one can be a real pain to deal with. So here is a quick guide on how to beat Krauser (normal & transformed) in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to Beat Krauser in Resident Evil 4 Remake

resident evil 4 remake how to beat krauser and boss strategy

You need to parry Krauser’s knife strikes and attack him in order to beat him in RE4 Remake. As mentioned before, there are two times you fight Krauser in this game. The first is in Chapter 11 and the second time in Chapter 14.

Before getting into the details there are some spoilers ahead. So now that you have been warned about it here is how you can defeat Major Krauser in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Fighting Krauser in Chapter 11

beat krauser in re4 remake chapter 11

The fight in Chapter 11 is pretty straightforward, Krauser attacks you with only melee attacks. These are the moves he can use against you:

  • Slash attacks: Krauser will slash at you with his knife. Parry this attack to stun him. This will allow you to hit him with a melee attack which you can follow up with some extra hits.
  • Jump kick: He will jump and kick you which can land on your chest. Use evade to avoid getting hit by it.
  • Low sweep kick: He will try to hit you with a low sweep kick. Again, be sure to timely evade it to avoid taking a lot of damage from him.
  • Jump behind you: Krauser will at times jump behind you, then run toward you in an attempt to slash you.

After a cutscene, the chapter will end and the next time you meet him will be in Chapter 14.

Chapter 14 Krauser Fight – Resident Evil 4 Remake

This is more of a tactical fight than the one you fought against him in Chapter 11. Here Krauser will use guns, grenades, traps, along with melee attacks to dispose of you. But this section actually leads you to the final fight. You can consider him more of an obstacle here that you have to deal with rather than an actual fight. So here is the strategy to progress Chapter 14 of RE4 Remake:

  1. When the fight starts Krauser will shoot explosive ammo at you. Duck behind the pillars and make your way to the top.chapter 14 dodge krauser shots
  2. Here, Krauser will ambush you for a Melee fight, this section is similar to chapter 11 but he can retreat at times to use his gun.
  3. Deal with him and he will temporarily go away, use the yellow door valve to open the path ahead.chapter 14 open yellow door
  4. Go through the door below that you just opened and you will come to a room full of traps.
  5. Make sure you tread slowly and destroy all the wire traps, bear traps, and camera turrets as you move forward. Also, be prepared to occasionally get ambushed by Krauser as you keep moving.chapter 14 destroy traps
  6. Grab the Red Herb when you get to the top. Also, break the boxes here to collect ammo or other resources.
  7. Next, you will reach an area where Krauser will snipe you.chapter 14 avoid getting sniped
  8. Don’t worry you have plenty of covers to use. But you need to be fast and not stay in one place for too long. Also remember that some of these covers will get destroyed, specifically the brick wall ones.
  9. As you make your way to the door, Krauser will throw grenades, you should immediately turn back instead of going in.chapter 14 krauser throws grenades outside door
  10. Once you make your way past this door you will again have a melee fight with Krauser.chapter 14 beat krauser in melee fight in re4 remake

A cutscene will play here and this is where the transformed Krauser fight begins.

How to Defeat Transformed Krauser in RE4 Remake

To defeat the Transformed Krauser in Resident Evil 4 Remake you need to stun him by parrying and use all your firepower. When this fight starts Krauser will attack you and will drop you down a level. You will be in a dark room, where you can find several boxes to destroy for loot.

chapter 14 find way to transformed krauser

Make your way out of this room and climb up the ladders. While exploring there will be times when Krauser will attack you. Once you reach the top this is where the final fight begins.

  1. Wait for Krauser to attack then parry it, this will stun him.
  2. Next, use Melee attacks to slow him down further.
  3. While he is down use your shotgun or SMG and hit him as much as you to defeat transformed krauser in resident evil 4 remake
  4. Don’t fire at his arms or when he is blocking as that won’t deal any damage to him and you will just end up wasting your ammo.
  5. Repeat the above steps until you get the “You Used to be a Good Guy” trophy.

After the cutscene is over you will have eliminated Krauser. You get the Fighting Knife as a reward.

That covers this guide on how to Beat Krauser in Resident Evil 4 Remake both in Chapters 11 and 14 and his Transformed form. Since this is near the end of the game, if you plan to replay it, you should find our guides useful on how to survive the village fight and all the achievements list.