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How To Survive Village Fight & Trigger Church Bells In RE4 Remake

Here is how you can beat the village fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Having to survive the village fight in RE4 Remake is not easy as it may appear. While the game is somewhat generous with drops from enemies when compared to the original game, they did make this fight longer. And unlike the Original game, you cannot hide in the Tower until the bell rings. So here is how to beat the Village Fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake and trigger the church bells.

How to Beat the Village Fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake

how to beat and survive the village fight in resident evil 4 remake

The best way to beat or survive the village fight in RE4 Remake is to kill the enemies. While the game doesn’t explicitly tell you how many Ganados you need to kill. But once you kill around 15 of them the Village fight will end and the church bells will trigger. This will make all the villagers retreat and go away. Aside from that you can also survive the village fight, by not dying for around 4 to 5 minutes.

There are mainly two ways you can achieve this:

  • Gather & Kill enemies
  • Avoiding Fights

Gather & Kill enemies

gather and kill enemies in re4 remake

Killing enemies after gathering them is the best method. First Run around the village and grab any and every item that you can. Especially grab the grenades. Shoot any enemy that is about to grab you on the leg to slow them down. Aiming for the head is good if you have a lot of ammo to spare or room to aim carefully. But for this method, you should avoid doing that.

Next, while you are running a good number of Ganados might have gathered while chasing you. Now simply throw a grenade at them and see how many you can eliminate. Collect the loot from all the enemies you killed. They can give you valuable resources like handgun ammo, PTAs, and more.

You can also lead them to the barn and shoot the lantern to set the barn on fire and kill every enemy inside. These two are the best ways to beat the village fight. The biggest perk of this method is you will save up on a lot of ammo compared to if you were to only fight them head on.

Just make sure you don’t get caught by the Chainsaw Man also known as Dr. Salvador. He can kill you with one hit if he catches you. You could defend yourself once using your knife. But the next time he gets you it is almost a certain death.

Avoiding Fights

avoid fights to survive village fight in re4 remake

This is entirely possible but you should know that there is a high chance you will still lose health in the process. There are many enemies that will try and grab you. Or enemies that throw an axe or other weapons at you. So if you aren’t careful you can easily get hit by them. And only running doesn’t mean you won’t be fighting at all. You will still need to shoot at their legs to slow them down.

While this method is best to conserve ammo, you will still lose some of it in the process. Try learning to parry attacks as this will be needed to deflect anything thrown at you. Or if some Ganados suddenly ambushes you and tries to punch or attack you with their weapon.

You can even hide inside the house to defend yourself. The good news is you get a shotgun here, along with some other useful loot. But enemies will start pouring in and this time you will have to fight at least a few of them to escape the house. You can even kick down the ladders to slow them down further.

This method is also the longest method as you need to survive until the church bell rings. Although the good thing about this method is you can safely explore the rest of the village after the Ganados are gone to collect all the loot available.

That covers this guide on how to beat or survive the village fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake and trigger the church bells. Since you like this game you should find our guide interesting on how old Ashley and Leon are.