How To Defeat Berserker Hvitserkr In God Of War Ragnarok?

Hvitserkr is one of the 12 Berserker bosses in GOW Ragnarok who uses poison as his primary attack. And can also summon smaller enemies. Here is how to defeat him.

Hvitserkr, the Bold is a Berserker Boss that you will fight during Fit for a King Favor in God of War Ragnarok. Fit for a King Favor has a total of 12 bosses, we have already covered a guide on Skjothendi and Haklangr, which you can check later on. In this guide, you can get tips on how to counter Hvitserkr attacks and defeat this boss easily. Also, read below what rewards you will get by defeating Hvitserkr.

Tricks to Defeat Hvitserkr: Berserker Boss

Hvitserkr Location

Hvitserkr, the Bold does not use a weapon. Instead, this boss prefers to use more poison attacks, which will slowly inflict damage for a few seconds. Also, the boss will summon smaller enemies so Freya is going to be helpful. Fire-type attacks are the best against Hvitserkr Berserker’s boss in GOW Ragnarok. Range weapons work best against this boss, like Blade of Chaos. Here are tricks you must do to kill this boss fast in GOW Ragnarok.

  1. Use Blade of Chaos Heavy attacks frequently from a distance to avoid poison damage.
  2. Take down the flying enemies first.
  3. Counter Hvitserkr attacks using the Shield. You can block ranged attacks.
  4. It is easy to stun Hvitserkr, while using Rage walk near the boss and then hit L3 + R3, it will stun the boss and you can inflict more damage.
  5. Hvitserkr’s claw attack can be countered via shield and you can stun him easily.

Hvitserkr is not tough to beat boss, if you are having a decent build then you can take him down fast. The issue is smaller enemies which creates problems. Also, a continuous poison hit can drain you fast, so you have to avoid that. Also, Hvitserkr does not unleash any heavy airborne attack.

Rewards for Killing Hvitserkr:

Defeating Hvitserkrwill give you Pommels of the Nine Realms, 3 Tempered Remnants, 25 Bonded Leather, and 40 Shattered Runes. You will get 1700XP for Kratos and 375 Freyas XP.

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