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How to Beat Haklangr In GOW Ragnarok: Berserker Boss?

Haklangr is one of the 12 Berserker bosses in GOW Ragnarok who yields a huge Axe. His slow attacks make him vulnerable, all you have to learn is when to hit.

Haklangr is another boss you will face during Fit for a King Favor in God of War Ragnarok. To complete this objective you will have to defeat 12 Berserker Bosses. Haklangr is one among them and with the right strategy you can take him down easily. Here are some important tips on how to beat Beat Haklangr.


Tricks to Defeat Haklangr

Haklangr Location

All Berserker Bosses are tough enemies, so you must have powerful armor. I am going to share a standard build that will help you to analyze whether your current stats are good or not. The boss appears when you interact with the gravestone. In the Crater area of Vanahiem. The above image is where you will find the same to unlock Haklangr Boss fight.

  • Strength – 300+
  • Defense – 300+
  • RNC – 150+
  • VIT – 100+
  • CLD – 100+
  • LCK – 100+
  • Armor – Level 7 or above.

Haklangr is a slow boss, not like Skjothendi Berserker Boss. He is quick and attacks from the air. But Haklangr mostly stays on the ground holding his heavy weapon. It is easy to stun Haklangr, but only when the yellow ring glows. Red ring attacks will cause high damage, and you cannot counter them back.

  • When you approach the boss for the first time, activate Rage. Haklangr will be standing with a huge axe. Cause max damage at the start that will draw his 25% of health.
  • Haklangr dodge left and right, and will take a few seconds to unleash a heavy attack. Like crashing his axe on the ground, the green color indicates the damage range. Just stay away from there.
  • During the attack, if you see a Red Circle, dodge away, the range of this attack is high. So make sure you maintain distance.
  • Try stunning Haklangr using a shield, just wait for the yellow ring, go near and attack with a shield. It will stun the boss for a while, and then unleash some combos.
  • Atreus or Freya if in the fight will not help much here. Focus more on dodging sideways and then attacking.

Haklangr will always pause after a heavy attack, that is the time you can use skills and hit him harder. Most of your heavy attacks will land perfectly as Haklangr will not counter them. But when he raises his axe, jumps and dodges away. The issue with Haklangr’s boss fight is it will take time. His health bar is high and he will have some boos in power during the right. So you have to be accurate in your attack. Hope the tips in this guide will help you to beat Haklangr easily in GOW Ragnarok.

Rewards for Killing Haklangr, the Unerring


Defeating Haklangr will give you Chaos Flame, 5 Tempered Remnants, 60 Bonded Leather, and 75 Shattered Runes. You will get 1700XP for Kratos and 375 Freyas XP.

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