Tips To Defeat Hardrefill the Callous in God of War Ragnarok

Hardrefill is one of the 12 Berserker bosses in GOW Ragnarok. This boss yields a sword that can hit hard from the air. So here are some tricks you must know before you fight with this Berserker Boss.

In God of War Ragnarok Fit for a King Favor, you will have to fight 12 Berserker Bosses. Each has its unique attack style and each offers unique rewards with tons of XP’s and crafting material. Hardrefill The Callous is one of them and is located in Svartalfheim. His attack style is quite similar to Haklangr, if you had defeated this one then Hardrefill is easy. Or if you are facing this boss for the first time then follow the below tips to kill Hardrefill in GOW Ragnarok.

How to Beat Hardrefill: Berserker Boss

Hardrefill Location

To beat Hardrefill you will need to focus a lot on dodging, the glowing red attacks. Those attacks cannot be canceled or counted via the shield. But the one that has a yellow ring can be countered easily and it will also stun Hardrefill.

  • Countering a yellow ring attack with a shield is the best defense. A successful counter will give you some seconds to attack.
  • Hardrefill is good with speed and dodging away. He will not stay in your range of attack and dodge fast.
  • Avoid the green circle on the ground, he will go airborne and charge from the sky.
  • The best thing to do is wait for the yellow ring attack, cancel it using a shield, and then attack with an axe.
  • Also, avoid throwing weapons at him, most of them will be canceled.
  • There are two best times to attack Hardrefill, first is when you successfully counter his yellow ring attack, and the second is when he lands from air to ground with a heavy attack.

Hardrefill is not like Hvitserkr who summons small enemies, instead, he will fight alone. This berserker boss will give you a lot of time to attack, the only issue is that he will dodge back frequently. He won’t stay in one place, so be ready with a shield and axe whenever you see him coming close to you.

Rewards for Killing Hardrefill:

Defeating Hardrefill will give you Asgard’s Fortitude, 25 Bonded Leather, and 25 Shattered Runes. You will get 1700XP for Kratos and 375 Freyas XP.

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