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Halo Infinite Campaign How To Beat Harbinger – BOSS GUIDE

Learn How To Beat Harbinger in Halo Infinite Campaign from this guide.

Harbinger is the Final Boss you must defeat to complete Halo Infinite Campaign. She will appear towards the end of Silent Auditorium Mission as the Boss Fight. She is a 3 Phases Boss and as each phase occurs, the battle gets tougher. On Easy and Normal modes is relatively stress-free but on Hard and especially for Legendary, she is a Nightmare to deal with. Harbinger will start whizzing around the Player will striking you with Orbs of Energy. If she isn’t attacking you then she will send waves of the Banished to finish her job. In today’s guide, I will show you how to Beat Harbinger in Halo Infinite Campaign.

How to Beat Harbinger in Halo Infinite Campaign (Easy Tips & Tricks)

harbinger in halo infinite campaign

Like I have mentioned above, Harbinger is the Final Boss of Halo Infinite Campaign. You will find her at the end of Silent Auditorium Mission. The Boss Fight will be of 3 Phases. In each phase, you will have to fight waves of Banished Foes and then Battle with Harbinger. The Banished Enemies will come through the doors of the arena when the next phase begins. You will be alerted as the Doors will glow Blue. During the second half of each phase, Harbinger will enter into battle mode and will engage you in a Fight. Like other Boss Fights, you will need to break her Shields and then deplete her Health to defeat Harbinger in Halo Infinite Campaign. Below listed are the main points you should keep in mind:

  • During the Start of each phase, keep your Distance from the Banished enemies and take them out using Long Range Weapons.
  • During the Second half of each phase, keep moving around and Dodging Harbinger using the Thrusters and Grappleshot.
  • Use the Sentinel Beam to take out Harbingers Shields.
  • Keep your Distance and throw grenades whenever possible.
  • Use the Arena’s Verticality to your advantage by using the Grappleshot.
  • Utilize the Blue Shock Coils to stun her momentarily to get some Damage on her.

How to Beat Harbinger – Explained

harbinger boss guide halo infinite campaign

To get to Harbinger, you will have to first get through her Minions. That should not be a problem as they are the enemies that you have been facing throughout Halo Infinite. Well, this is true for the First & Second Phases of the Harbinger Boss Fight. In the third phase, you will have to face a Brute Chieftain who wields a Gravity Hammer in Halo Infinite. The best way to deal with the Banished Enemies is by maintaining distance and kiting around them while you take each of them out. There will be weapons available around the arena so don’t worry about running out of Ammo.

The First & Second phases of the fight are pretty easy but when you reach the third phase, it gets challenging. The Brute Chieftain will appear in the first half of the Third Phase and will chase you with his Gravity Hammer. You will need to use the Arena’s Verticality as he will be able to 2 hit KO you. Keep your Distance and slowly chip away at his Health.

Now let’s Talk about Harbinger, the second halves of each phase in the Boss Fight in Halo Infinite Campaign. In each phase, she will be inactive at the start. This is the time where you have to defeat the waves of Banished Enemies. After clearing them, she will exit from her Golden Aura and will come to attack you. She is very agile and quick so never stands in one place. Grappleshot and Thruster are your Best friends here. At first, use the Sentinel Beam to destroy her Shields. Once that is done, you will be able to deal damage to her Health. After a certain point, she will reset by going back into the Golden Aura state, and from here is where the next phase begins.

Every time a new phase begins, Harbinger will enter into battle with a full shield but her Health doe not get restored. This is not a Speedrun so taking your time is advised. Also at the tops of the Gallery (Balcony) like platforms, you will be able to refill the Sentinel Beam gun.

Follow these steps and you will be able to Beat Harbinger in Halo Infinite Campaign very easily. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in getting the needed information on beating this Boss Fight. You can also check our guides on Chak’Lok Boss Fight & How To Switch Equipment in Halo Infinite Campaign.