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Halo Infinite Campaign – How To Switch Equipment

Learn how to switch your Equipment in Halo Infinite Campaign from this guide.

Halo Infinite Campaign is an amazing game with stunning graphics, smooth mechanics, and an incredible story. In Halo Infinite Campaign, Players have Abilities that they can use alongside their Guns. There are 5 Abilities that the Players can use, one of which is a passive Ability. Abilities are also known as Equipment. During the game, the player can switch between equipment giving him/her an advantage in Battle. The management of your Abilities is what sets apart great Players from average Players. In today’s guide, I will show you how to switch between Equipment in Halo Infinite Campaign.

How to Switch Equipment in Halo Infinite Campaign

switching equipment in halo infinite

To keep it simple, Equipment are Abilities that the Player can use at any time in Battle as long as they are not on a Cooldown. There are 5 Equipments at your disposal, they are Grappleshot, Thrusters, Shield Core, Drop Shield, and Threat Sensor. Each of these is unique and is useful in any situation you may be in. To switch between this Equipment is pretty easy in Halo Infinite, here is how to do it.

  • On Console:
    • Press Right on the D-Pad to open up the Equipments Tab and then press any one of the arrows on the D-Pad to use an Equipment. To use it press RB.
  • On PC:
    • Press the corresponding Hotkey on the Number Keys (1,2,3, & 4) above the Letter Keys. To use it Press Q.

Why switch between Equipments?

This is how you can Switch between Equipment in Halo Infinite Campaign. Switching between Equipment is important as one of those Abilities is going to help you out in a Sticky Situation. Want to pick up an item or kite an enemy? Grappleshot is your best option. Want to dampen the enemy’s incoming bullets? Drop Shield is going to be your go-to. Want to be beefy? Shield Core is your Equipment. Although, Shield Core is passive Equipment so it is always equipped. Want to reach higher-up places and dodge enemies? Thrusters are the best for it. Want to detect items, enemies, and invisible enemies around you? Threat Sensor is the right Equipment.

As we have seen, Equipments cover a wide range of situations and learning how to use them is important. I would advise you to first learn how to switch between 2 Equipments, like Grappleshot and Drop Shield. Keeping these on Muscle Memory will benefit any Player immensely. After this part, you can focus on learning the others as it will become second nature.

This was all about switching between Equipments in Halo Infinite Campaign. Hopefully, this guide has provided the information you were looking for. You can also check our guides on Change Campaign Difficulty and Audio Bug Fix in Halo Infinite.