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Clash Of Clans – How To Beat Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge?

The Galadon's Golem Gauntlet Challenge is upon us. We have been Challenged as here is how you can beat it.

Galadon Gaming is a famous Youtuber known for making Content on Supercell’s Clash of Clans. This week, he has a Challenge for us. The Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet is a Challenge event in the game where you must take your Troops and defeat a Village Base made by Galadon himself. It is a limited-time event and the rewards it gives are pretty neat. In Today’s guide, I will show you how to Beat the Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge in Clash of Clans (COC).

How to Beat Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge in Clash of Clans COC

galadon's golem gauntlet challenge in clash of clans

The Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge in COC is a limited-time event that grants the winner 400 EXP and a Builder Potion. The Base of the challenge is massive and open, covering the whole map. With its massive size, it has many open sections that have a lot of Traps. This Challenge can be beaten easily as you will have an arsenal of strong Troops. Saying that you will be facing a Town Hall 14. To Beat the Challenge, the game has given us:

  • Super Wizard x3
  • Golem x3
  • Bowler x3
  • Super Bowler x3
  • Headhunter x5
  • Stone Slammer x1
  • Barbarian King Level 80
  • Archer Queen Level 80
  • Grand Warden Level 80
  • Royal Champion Level 80
  • Rage Spell x2
  • Freeze Spell x5
  • Invisibility Spell x2
  • Poison Spell x2
  • Skeleton Spell x1

This is our Army loadout for the Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge. It may not seem like much but this is enough for our victory. Let’s see how we can defeat the Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge in Clash of Clans.

Steps on beating the Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge

galadon's golem gauntlet challenge clash of clans

Step 1: The Grand Warden Deployment

On the Northwest side of the Map, you will have to deploy your Grand Warden on top of the X-Bows. The X-Bows are set to Ground so make sure that your Grand Warden is set to Air Mode. He will start destroying the X-Bows so let him be.

Step 2: The Funnel

Now on the Southmost Tip of the Base, there will be 3 Eagle Artilleries. Place 2 Super Wizards side by side and take the Eagle Artilleries out. Once you have placed the Super Wizards, go to the Westmost Tip of the Base. There will be a Scattershot encased by Walls. Deploy a Headhunter on the Northside of it and she will trigger a lot of Skeleton Traps. Let the Skeletons bunch up and then place a Poison Spell on top of them.

Once that is done, place a Golem in the same spot as the Headhunter such that it targets a Mortar. After that place your Archer Queen to take out the Scattershot. More Skeletons will spawn so use your last Super Wizard to help the Queen. Now on the Northeast side of the Base, place a Golem on the X-Bow and then your Barbarian King, Headhunter, & Stone Slammer.

Step 3: Release the Bowlers & Attack!!!

Now on the Northmost Tip of the Base, place your Golem, Bowlers, & Super Bowlers. Now at the Center of the Base, drop Freeze Spells on the top 4 Inferno Towers. Do this when your Troops get close. Deploy a Headhunter where you had placed your Archer Queen to help her out. Keep an eye on the Inferno Towers and Freeze them when needed. The CC Troops will attack at this point so just drop a Poison Spell on them and a Rage Spell on your Troops. Once your Troops are in the Center, Freeze the Buildings in the middle, pop the Grand Warden’s Ability & drop a Rage Spell.

Step 4: Clean Up

Now on the Scattershot on the far East, Deploy the Royal Champion. At this point, everything should go smoothly. Use your remaining Spells & Troops to clear the Base or aid the other Troops as and when required.

Once the Troops finish Clearing the Base, you will have completed the Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge in Clash of Clans. The main tactic in this Challenge is Funneling. This is a pretty common tactic in COC and this is basically what we are doing this event. This is one of the many ways you can beat the challenge. Hopefully, this guide helped you in beating the Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet Challenge in COC. You can also check out our guide on Clash Of Clans Update Not Working Fix.