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Zelda BOTW: How To Beat Fireblight Ganon Quickly

Unable to beat Fireblight Ganon in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild? Check out this guide to learn its moves in both phases, to beat it easily.

Fireblight Ganon is probably the easiest blight form of Ganon that you can beat in Zelda BOTW. Its moves are quite slow and pretty basic so you can dodge them easily, not to mention its second phase is a walk in the park. Although, its moves might be slow if you get hit by them you can lose a lot of your hearts. So let us check how to quickly defeat Fireblight Ganon in The Legend of Zelda BOTW (Breath of The Wild).

How to Beat Fireblight Ganon in Zelda BOTW


legend of zelda breath of the wild botw defeat fireblight ganon
Image Credit: AgentC2008 on YouTube

You can beat Fireblight Ganon in this game by stunning it to bring it down and unleashing multiple attacks on it. I highly advise you carry a spear with you for the first phase and a claymore for the second phase. As for arrows you should use Ice Arrows or Ancient Arrows. Here are the moves that you need to look out for in both phases.

Phase 1


fireblight ganon phase 1
Image Credit: AgentC2008 on YouTube

It is vital to stun Fireblight Ganon in its first phase. Since it has a short body and it also levitates this makes it tough to hit it, that is where the spear comes in. This is the move it uses in its first phase.

  • Fireballs: Fireblight Ganon will charge its fingertips with fire and then launch these fireballs at Link. Try running around to dodge them. Guarding won’t be of much use. Once it uses this attack shoot at its eye using ice arrows. This should stun it and you can spam attacks using your spear. Alternatively, you could also use the remote bomb rune to blast at it and stun it.


Other than the above move it will use different slash attacks. Keep attacking it until you bring half of its health down. Once that is done you will see phase 2 of the fight begin.

Phase 2 – Defeat Fireblight Ganon in Zelda BOTW

fireblight ganon phase 2
Image Credit: AgentC2008 on YouTube


The second phase of this fight is even easier than the first phase. It does this move that gives you a great advantage in the fight.

  • Flaming Ball: This move can feel intimidating as the giant flaming ball acts as a shield and even your best arrows can’t do much against it. The catch is you have to throw a remote bomb at it. You will see the remote bomb reach the flaming ball. Once it is near Fireblight Ganon, denote it. This will stun and bring it down. Now use your claymore and do a charged attack so you can roll and attack it multiple times.

If you have Urbosa’s Fury then even better as that will do even more damage. In case you couldn’t throw the bomb on time. Use the dungeon’s structure as a shield to not get hit by the flaming ball.

Other than this attack it can do various slash attacks imbued with fire that you can dodge and flurry rush on.

That covers this guide on how to quickly beat Fireblight Ganon in Zelda BOTW (Breath of the Wild). If this was your first divine beast then you should next go for Divine Beat Vah Ruta. Check out our guide on how to beat Waterblight Ganon to clear that dungeon.