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How To Beat Sett On Expert Mode In Tournament Of Souls

Here's a guide on how you can beat Sett in Expert Mode of Tournament of Souls.

Sett is truly a champion and will be extremely difficult to beat in the Expert Mode of Tournament of Souls. While he is the seventh champion, players have found him to be extremely formidable and tough to defeat. While the 1v1 battle in the League of Legends updates has been extremely fun to play, Sett is dampening the mood and players want to get past him quickly. You might want to have the proper abilities and time the fight if you are to defeat Sett and in this guide, we will provide you with all you need.

How to Defeat Expert Sett in Tournament of Souls

Beat Expert Sett in Tournament of Souls League of Legends Wiki

Against Sett, Samira might not last long if players provide him the room. However, what most players don’t remember that beating Sett on Expert Mode in Tournament of Souls is more about timing rather than tanking or using too many moves. You have to get your combos perfectly and at the same time, shield against his attacks with proper timing. Also, players will have to beat him before the timer runs out so you don’t really have time or luxury. Before you start the fight, make sure you equip these abilities for Samira:

  • Q Ability – Piercing Precision
  • W Ability – Sky Scraper
  • E Ability – Severe Strike
  • R Ability – Chaotic Daybreak

The fight with expert Sett will depend on your ability to throw the E and Q combo attack in Tournament of Souls. Once you start, try to get in a couple of hits before he inevitably smashes you to the ground and drain a solid chunk of your health. After that, he will throw a lethal punch that you must counter with Q to break his shield. This will allow you to move on to the next phase. Players need to use the basic combo of E > Q > W > Q from there on and wait for a chance to use the ultimate R ability. Mostly, players should prefer using R when the opponent is stunned in order to get the most use out of it.

That should help you beat Sett on Expert mode in Tournament of Souls. If you found this guide useful, check out our dedicated League of Legends section for more such guides.