How To Beat Evelynn In Tournament Of Souls Expert Mode

You will encounter Evelynn after defeating Pyke in the Tournament of Souls. Here's how you can defeat her on Expert Mode.

Unable to get past Evelynn in the Expert Mode of Tournament of Souls? Among all the fighters, she shows up in the 6th position challenging Samira (you). Speaking frankly, battling her on Expert Mode is more fun than in Story Mode. And let me tell you, beating her on Expert Mode also guarantees more precious rewards. But with high rewards, come high risks. That means Evelynn on Expert Mode is nearly unbeatable if you don’t have the perfect build. So take a look below for the Best Abilities to beat Evelynn in League of Legends: Tournament of Souls Expert Mode.

Best Abilities to Beat Evelynn in LoL Tournament of Souls (Expert Mode)

Here are the best abilities that you can equip to beat Evelynn in Tournament of Souls:

  • Deadshot (Q Ability)
    • Puncturing shot that deals 70 damage and causes bleeding for 160 damage over 4s. If already bleeding, the initial shot deals 4x damage.
  • Back Atcha (W Ability)
    • Spin twice for 60 damage, blocking all damage and status effects while reflecting a max of 500 damage back to an opponent for 1s. If Samira blocks 300 damage or greater, gain one additional style point.
  • Severe Strike (E Ability)
    • Stab forward for 265 damage inflicting wounded for 4s. If the enemy is bleeding, refresh the bleed duration.
  • Immortal Inferno (R Ability)
    • Unleash a torrent of shots for 550 damage, healing a total of 500.

The above are the best Abilities that you can use for defeating Evelynn in Tournament of Souls Expert Mode. To make things even simpler, let us know how you can make the most out of these abilities.

Tips & Tricks for Beating Evelynn in Tournament of Souls

How To Beat Evelynn In Tournament Of Souls Expert Mode

The Deadshot and Severe Strike can be your main attacks for causing damage. You can use the Back Atcha ability to block incoming attacks and build up your combo. One of the infamous spots in this fight happens when Evelynn becomes invisible. This is when she becomes vicious and deals massive damage. But even this attack can be blocked if timed properly. To get out of harm’s way, you need to hear Evelynn’s Heartbeats. I mean, when Evelynn goes invisible, listen to her heartbeats and use the Back Atcha ability just before the third heartbeat. If timed properly, you will block and answer Evelynn’s attack with a counter in Tournament of Souls.

Last but not least, find your perfect combo and make your Ultimate ready to unleash. And once ready, strike it on Evelynn to reduce her health bar massively. After defeating Evelynn, you’ll be rewarded with Soul Fighter Evelynn Combat Icon & Super Stylish Emote.

Credits to RiotIntel for providing all the necessary information.

That’s all you can do to beat Evelynn on Expert Mode of Tournament of Souls. Just after her, you will encounter another fiery warrior known as Sett. So, make sure to check out our guide on How to Defeat Sett on Expert Mode.