How To Beat Duriel In Diablo 4

To complete The Walls Shake quest in Diablo 4, you will have to beat Duriel, Lord of Pain. And this won’t be an easy fight because he has a lot in store for you. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time players are fighting him. If you have played the older games you will recognize him from Diablo 2 or D2R. But this time he won’t just be crawling around and occasionally swipe at you. So here are all his moves and how you can counter them.

How to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4

how to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

The best way to beat Duriel fast is by going behind him and attacking his rear. His tail is his weak spot. Not only that but attacking from the front is a bad idea. All of the moves that he uses are mostly forward attacks. So here are them and how you can counter them:

  • Slash attacks: Duriel has two giant Scythe-like claws for his hands. He will attack using both. You can dodge this attack by standing behind him. Since he will try to track you, you must dash to avoid getting hit by them.
  • Ground Smash: When you fight Duriel from the front. Duriel uses his chest and the rest of his upper body to smash the ground down in an attempt to stomp you flat. Use dash to dodge this attack.
  • Worm Summons: Throughout the fight new eggs and maggots will spawn. You can destroy the eggs by walking over them. But to eliminate the maggots you will need to attack them. Make sure you don’t let too many of them spawn. So from time to time ignore Duriel and clear them first before going back to fight him.
  • Belly Spit: Duriel will spit red-colored projectiles out of his belly. These are quite easy to dodge as they are launched in a straight line directly in front of him.
  • Belly Vomit: Duriel vomits green poison from his belly. It covers a lot of area and stays there for a few seconds. Avoid getting hit by it by dashing to the side or away from it. Make sure you also don’t step on the area where it is until the poison is gone.
  • Dig Away: This isn’t exactly an attack but rather Duriel burrows into the ground and disappears from the fight for a few seconds. Use this chance to destroy any new eggs that might have spawned. Destroying them also can give you Healing Potions.

Tips to Defeat Duriel, Lord of Pain

Tips to Defeat Duriel in Diablo 4
Image Credit: WoW Quests on YouTube

Before the fight starts

  • Level up your Items: Be it your Weapons, Armor, or Jewelry. Make sure you upgrade them so that they have decent stats which can help you fight Duriel better instead of holding you back.
  • Use Elixirs: Before starting the fight consume any Elixirs that can help you increase your Damage or something that improves your defenses by giving increasing your armor. Do remember that you can only have one elixir at a time. So choose wisely as per your play style.

During the fight

  • Destroy the Eggs: When you enter the fight, instead of attacking Duriel, first run around and destroy all the eggs scattered throughout the arena. This doesn’t take much time to do but will help you a lot by saving the hassle of dealing with maggots that come out of them later.
  • Have AoE attacks: Having AoE abilities for your character will save you a lot in this fight. These skills especially come in handy when dealing with those worms.
  • Heal Regularly: This is quite a basic tip but an important one nonetheless. It is easy to get consumed in the fight, pun intended. But don’t forget to check your HP from time to time. Make sure you use the Healing Potions you have as they do drop during the fight. So not using them would just mean taking them to the grave quite literally.

That’s all you need to do to beat Duriel the Lord of Pain. For more help with such boss fights of this game check out our Diablo 4 section. You can also get help with other topics here like Fix for A Chorus of Voices missing, how to get past level 50, and more.

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