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How To Beat Clayface In Gotham Knights Guide

In this guide, we'll walk you through all the steps and tips to defeat Clayface in Gotham Knights easily.

In Gotham Knights other than Batman, players will surely come across his old enemies. Among the huge list of enemies, you might’ve heard about the Clayface. And now he’s back in Gotham Knights seeking revenge for what happened in the past. However, he’s unaware of Batman’s death and it’s now your responsibility to defeat him and finish him for good. If you’re unaware of the process of how you can beat Clayface in Gotham Knights, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps along with all the do’s & don’t to defeat him.

How to Kill & Defeat Clayface in Gotham Knights

How To Beat Clayface Gotham Knights
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Here’s everything you need to know about how to beat Clayface in Gotham Knights. However, players can’t defeat him in the very first interaction. That’s because the side mission CF01: Clayface is divided into 3 parts. Before you dive into the steps make sure you’ve completed the Main story Case 2, or else you won’t be able to initiate the Clayface case mission.

1.1 – The Malleable Mugger

In the very first part, the player will need to initiate the mission by heading to the West End of New Gotham. Once you reach there, start scanning for the crime and look for the Clay Mimics. As soon as you come across clay mimics defeat them and collect the samples marked in orange. There’s a total of 5 samples you’ll need to collect and head to Belfry to initiate the case.

1.2 Disturbance At Dixon Docks – Beat Clayface in Gotham Knights

After you’ve reached belfry, simply use your computer and open the Clayface case file. Doing so will teleport you to a warehouse where you will have to look for clues to reach Clayface. We recommend you use the AR scanners that’ll help you track Clayface’s footprints. As you keep progressing you’ll come across a different warehouse guarded by the Clay mimics. Simply go ahead and defeat all the enemies and then the famous villain will reveal himself.

Once Clayface appears, he’ll try to escape and there the chase will begin. Players will need to track him down by following the broken road. We recommend you use your Batcycle and be quick enough, or else you’ll end up losing him and failing the mission. As we all know water helps Clayface grow stronger, so he’ll head for the sewers and you’ll be required to do the same.

After doing that you’ll come across more clay mimics to defeat and more clues to track the villain down. As you keep progressing you’ll come across a room with the Clayface and his Homunculi, which are Clayface himself. Here the player will finally fight the villain after some dialogue. The trick to defeating him is by predicting the long-range and melee attacks. As soon as the player damages a Homunculi, it stuns him for a while, which gives an upper hand on them. However, all of the minions and Homunculi share the same health bar so your main goal will be to strike as much as you can. After you have defeated all the minions and Homunculi you’ll come across a cut scene where the Clayface escapes from a locked sewer gate.

1.3 Rumble At The Reservoir

After the escape, you’ll need to head back to Belfry and initiate the last part of the mission from the menu. And then you’ll teleport to a building with a cutscene and dialogues with detective Montoya. After that, as you keep progressing in the game you’ll finally come across the Clayface for the boss fight. However, in this stage, he is stronger than before along with 2 arms on his back. In this case, we recommend you use gears that have fire damage and avoid using water & electric gears. That’s because Clayface is weak to fire and will help you to beat him quickly in Gotham Knights.

Players should also be aware of his new slam and grab attacks that can cause them plenty of damage. However, the attacks will be pretty easy to predict and avoid. The key to winning this stage is by maintaining distance from the villain as soon as you see a long-range or short-range attack.

After fighting with him for a while a cut scene will appear where he breaks the ground and both of you fall in the sewer. There your character assumes that the Clayface is dead, but the fight isn’t over yet. The villain regenerates with the help of the water and appears to be stronger than before. In this case, Alfred advises you to retreat but you come up with a plan to lure him to a hot area.

And there the chase begins, where the Clayface follows you, trying to kill you with his ground spikes and traps. Then after a while, a cut scene appears where you both yourself in a hot area. But now the arms on the back of the villain have grown bigger and stronger. Here you’ll again need to dodge the attacks and damage Clayface as much as you can. Doing so will eventually deplete the Villain’s health bar and Clayface will be finished for good.

This is all you need to do in order to beat Clayface in Gotham Knights easily. While you’re here take a look at how you can defeat Harley Quinn in the game.