How To Beat Bokoblins With Armor In TotK (Armored Bokoblins)

Suraj Nai
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In Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across some Bokoblins wearing a Stone Armor, that are quite tricky to beat. These Armored Bokoblins are different from the ordinary ones and are immune to your Melee or Ranged attacks to some extent. If you are stuck with the same fight and running out of ideas to get rid of these enemies then we’re here to help. In this guide below we have mentioned all the ways to defeat Armored Bokoblins in TotK easily.

How to Beat Bokoblins with Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

break Armored Bokoblins armor to beat them in tears of the kingdom
Source Image: Lhuce

To beat the Armored Bokoblins in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to first break their Stone Armor. To do that, you can always use your Rock Hammer or the Bomb Flowers. For those who are unaware, Rock Hammer can be obtained by using the Fuse ability and combining a Stone or Rock with your sword. Yes, that’s it, once you have it, strike the enemies with it and it’ll destroy their armor in a few hits. According to many players, using any two-handed weapons can do the trick.

break bokoblins armor in totk
Source Image: Lhuce

Similarly, if you want to first get rid of the armor and engage in a Melee battle later, then use the Bomb Flowers method. Here all you have to do is Fuse your arrow with Bomb Flowers and then fire it at the Armored Bokoblins. But if you haven’t unlocked the Fuse ability then, there’s an alternative method that can surely come in handy.

How to Defeat Armored Bokoblins without Fused Weapons in TotK

In TotK to defeat the Armored Bokoblins without using the Fused weapons player can try other elemental attacks. Such as if it’s raining then you can use the Lightning to destroy the Stone Armor of Bokoblins. For that, you’ll have to throw metal equipment toward the enemies by pressing R. Then the lightning will strike the metal weapon and deal enemies AOE damage. This method can help you get rid of a mob of Armored Bokoblins at once. But do note, it can only be used when it’s raining and can also backfire. In this case, make sure Link is wearing the Rubber armor just to be safe.

That is all you need to know about how you beat Bokoblins with Armor in Tears of the Kingdom. While you’re here, do check out the Best Weapons to use in Zelda TotK. Also, take a look at the Duplication Glitch to Dupe items in the game.