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Halo Infinite How To Beat Blademaster Jega Rdomnai – BOSS GUIDE

Learn How To Beat Blademaster Jega Rdomnai in Halo Infinite Campaign from this guide.

Jega Rdomnai is Escharum’s Blademaster and is one of his most Skilled Elite Warriors. The Blademaster, Jega Rdomnai, is the second Boss to use Invisibility as his weapon. You will encounter Jega Rdomnai the Blademaster in the Housing of Reckoning mission in Halo Infinite. Jega Rdomnai preferred Weapon is two special Energy Swords and he is not afraid to use them. He uses his Invisibility and aggressive tactics to overcome any Foes. He is a very tough Boss to beat. So in today’s guide, I will show you how to beat the Blademaster Jega Rdomnai in Halo Infinite.

How to Beat Blademaster Jega Rdomnai in Halo Infinite


blademaster jega rdomnai in halo infinite

Jega Rdomnai the Blademaster uses Invisibility & dual-wields Energy Swords. With this information, he can deduce that he is a Melee Combat Tactician. So the best gun to use against him would be a Shotgun. Since he is aggressive and is always in your face, blasting him with a Shotgun to the face will deplete his Health Bar very quickly. But Before you can do that, you will have to destroy his shields. A Plasma weapon will do the trick. Below listed are the main points you should keep in mind while battling Jega Rdomnai the Blademaster in Halo Infinite.

  • Keep a track of his voice as it will give us the general direction he is at.
  • Use Grappleshot & Threat Sensor alternatively.
  • Always keep Threat Sensor active as it will constantly supply information of his position.
  • Use weapons like a Bulldog Shotgun for high DPS potential along with a Plasma Weapon like Pulse Carbine for the Shields.
  • Always equip a Shock Coil when the Blademaster is not attacking you.


How to Beat Jega Rdomnai the Blademaster – Explained

blademaster jega rdomnai boss fight in halo infinite

The arena you will be facing Blademaster Jega Rdomnai in Halo Infinite has a top floor as well as a bottom floor & he is not shy to use it to his advantage. He will charge at you and strike Lethal Blows with his Energy Swords, so always keep moving around. Looking at how Jega Rdomnai the Blademaster attacks and what weapons he uses, it is safe to say that he is an Ambush attacker. So there will be times where he will retreat and not attack you to prepare an Ambush.


In those times, Keep your Distance and equip a Shock Coil and be ready with it. Always, and I mean always keep your Threat Sensor active in the arena. Blademaster Jega Rdomnai’s biggest asset is his Invisibility and our trump card against him is our Threat Sensor. There is an easy tactic that you can follow, which is the Hunter becomes the Hunted.

The Boss battle in Halo Infinite goes something as he will attack you, then retreats will attack again, and the cycle continues. Here is what you should do, first let him be the Hunter and chase you around the arena. In this situation use your Grappleshot to gain distance between you & Blademaster Jega Rdomnai. At one point will stop and will start to lurk around you. In this period get a Shock Coil ready and put down the Threat Sensor. Once you see him or hear him coming, throw the Shock Coil towards him. This will stun him and you should start mowing him down with the Pulse Carbine to get rid of his Shields. After his Stun, he will charge at you, now run away and dodge his attacks.

Keep doing this till his Shields are gone. Also in the prior step, don’t be afraid to shoot some shots. Any amount of damage is good damage even if it is a small amount. Once his shields are down, whip out the Bulldog Shotgun and blast his face away. This can get a bit risky so maintain your evasiveness at every stage. If this chase of Cat & Mouse works out, you will have defeated Jega Rdomnai the Blademaster in Halo Infinite.


Tips & Tricks in Beating him

When Jega Rdomnai is going to Ambush you, he will jump and deal a lethal blow. Using Shock Coils will allow you to stun him and you will be able to deal damage to him. When retreats away, he will go to the illuminated side of the arena. So keep an ear out as you will be able to deduce where he is at. Grappleshot & Threat Sensor are your best friends. Juggle between the two and evade his attacks while having the information of his whereabouts. As usual, using every utility you have will make your battle with Blademaster Jega Rdomnai fairly easy even on Legendary Mode.

This was all about beating the Blademaster Jega Rdomnai Boss in Halo Infinite. Hopefully, this Boss Guide has helped you defeat him and then move on to the next phase of your journey. You can also check our guides on Harbinger Boss Guide and Hyperius & Tovarus Boss Fight in Halo Infinite Campaign.