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Halo Infinite: How To Beat Hyperius & Tovarus

Here's our guide to defeating Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite

You will encounter Hyperius and Tovarus, killer-duet of Banished in the Pelican Down mission. This is one of the most challenging Boss fights in Halo Infinite’s campaign. While both are aggressive at defense as well as offense, you have got to defeat both the bosses to complete the mission. So, to help you out, here’s our guide on how to defeat Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite.

How to Defeat Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite?

Here’s our guide to beating Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite.

Beat Hyperius first

  • Hyperius will be in a Brute chopper around the water pathway inside a shipwreck.
  • To give him damage you can get a Rocket Launcher by going to the north-eastern part near the arena.
  • Use a Grappleshot or Quickshot to scavenge the arena for equipping yourself with weapons and other useful gear.
  • If you are playing in easy mode or feeling all-out destruction, you can steal a Brute chopper to give vast damage to Hyperius.
  • While you are giving damage to Hyperius, keep in mind to destroy other surrounding enemies as well.
  • Firstly destroy his brute chopper, after which he will be on the ground with a Ravager weapon.
  • Although being on the ground, he can melee attack you with the Ravager while using his jet pack to swiftly come towards you.
  • The mission does not reset, if Hyperius and Tovarus walk away from you that means the mission has failed.
  • The damage you had given to the Brute chopper does not reset although the damage you had given to Hyperius and Tovarus does reset.
  • Also with checkpoints, you can start the game wherever it ended on that checkpoint.
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Defeating Hyperius

  • Once you destroy the Brute chopper, Hyperius will be on his foot with his Ravager weapon.
  • Or you can also destroy Hyperius while he is on the chopper.
  • If not, make sure to drain Hyperius from a long distance by a Pulse Carbine or a Sentinel Beam.
  • As soon as his shield is destroyed, switch to a power or precision weapon to give him headshot damages.
  • Give major damage to Hyperius either from the eastern side or the western side of the arena.
  • Look for a cover and start firing Hyperius from a distance.
  • Finishing off Hyperius from the western side amongst the trees and rocks is much convenient as you can also equip weapons nearby.
  • You can also use a Ravager laying in the arena to kill Hyperius.
  • The important part is to stay out of line from his attacks and give him as much damage as possible.
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Getting Rid of Reinforcements

  • More reinforcements will arrive after you have killed Hyperius.
  • Before defeating Tovarus, be sure to destroy the reinforcements as their combined forces can give lethal damage to you.
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Defeating Tovarus

  • For defeating Tovarus you will need a kinetic weapon, a power weapon, and many grenades.
  • You can find him on the platform with a Scrap Cannon.
  • This Scrap cannon is extremely fatal when engaging in close-range combat. So, avoid distance with Tovarus while draining the shield of Tovarus.
  • He will run towards the platform on the western side of the arena as soon as he receive much damage.
  • Scavenge the area to either find a rocket launcher or a Hydra while chasing him.
  • As soon as he shows up on the platform, hit him up with the rocket launcher or a Hydra to drain his shield. Aim for the head for major damage.
  • Use a Drop wall for a temporary shield if his Scrap cannon is doing much damage to you and keep on hitting him to drain his shield.
  • Once his shield is out, switch to a kinetic weapon like Hydra or use a rocket launcher and spam him with grenades to finish him off.

That’s all about defeating the brother duo- Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite. Make sure to check our other Halo Infinite Guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.