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How To Beat Becki The Bride In Dead Island 2

Keep dying to Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2? This boss guide will help you beat her.

Becki the bride is the first boss you fight in Dead Island 2 and you can beat her quite easily. She can be intimidating for some players because she isn’t like the zombies you faced so far. And when you do manage to progress the fight a bit, more zombies will join in to help her. So here are all her moves and how to counter them.

How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

how to beat becki the bride in dead island 2

You should use weapons with a longer reach for attacking Becki in this game. Becki is a very muscular zombie, so her attacks are stronger than the regular zombies. She also has a bigger health than them and of course, her attacks hit harder. During the fight, she uses the following moves:

  • Punches: Becki will come after you and throw punches. These are quite slow and easy to dodge. Just move away from them and try hitting her from behind. Or using something like a Rake for attacking her. If you do get hit by her punch you can lose around 1/5th of your health.
  • Ground smash: She will jump up and smack both her fists on the ground. This attack releases a shockwave that will not only chip away at your health but also knock you down. The good thing is it also knocks down all approaching zombies so you can use this move to your advantage. Simply jump before her fists hit the ground. You can even rush to her and hit her a few times after she is done smashing the ground.

The above two moves are mainly what she uses throughout the fight. Once you bring down her health by 25% other zombies will start joining in on the fight. And after you bring her health down by 50%, she starts using the ground smash twice in succession.

After you defeat her you unlock your Dash Strike ability.

Tips for this fight

  • Use Weapons with longer reach: Such weapons are good because you can attack her while easily avoiding getting hit by her. It won’t make a very big difference but will still give you some advantage in the fight.
  • Don’t waste your Medikits: You auto-heal your health slowly. So if you can save a Medikit for better use or run around while you heal if you are out of Medikits.
  • Take care of zombies timely: As you lower Becki’s health. New zombies will join in on the fight. If you find them overwhelming. Then run around and kill them first before fighting again with Becki.

That is everything you need to do to beat Becki the bride. Be sure to check out our other guides on this game on how to use a workbench and what skill cards are.