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How To Dodge, Block, & Counter In Dead Island 2

Zombies keep grabbing you in Dead Island 2? You should dodge or block their attacks.

Knowing how to dodge or block incoming zombie attacks can help you survive longer in Dead Island 2. These are very basic but crucial skills that can in many instances make or break your game’s experience. And if you can manage to stun them, then you even do a counter to deal a lot of damage to these zombies. So without further ado here is how you can use these skills in this game.

How to Dodge or Block in Dead Island 2

how to dodge in dead island 2

You can dodge by pressing the L1 button on your PlayStation controller. Xbox players can do the same by pressing LB. This button lets you use your defense skill card. But you cannot start dodging enemy attacks immediately after you start playing, you first need to unlock this skill. Dodge is an Ability skill card that you unlock after getting handcuffed by Emma.

It is very easy to use, when you press the button your character will quickly move a small distance in the direction you move. By default pressing the button will make you dash slightly forward. But using the left joystick will let you move in your selected direction while dodging.

how to block in dead island 2

You can block the same way as you dodge, that is by using your defense skill card. Blocking is trickier than dodging. This is because unlike dodging where you move away from your enemies, whenever you block it is easier for a horde of zombies to gang up on you.

How to Counter

Countering is quite easy in this game. You simply have to Dodge or Block just before the enemy attack is about to connect. This will briefly stun them giving you a button prompt. You can then press the Square or X button to counter your target. If their health is low you can even finish them off with this attack.

With that, you now know everything about dodging, blocking and countering in this game. If you found this guide useful you should also check our other guides on how to beat Becki the Bride and how to use a workbench.