Diablo 4: How To Defeat Ashava The Pestilent (Boss Fight)

Ashava The Pestilent is a demon in Diablo 4 that you can fight as a World Boss in the end-game or simply beat to clear Act 6 of the game. This isn’t exactly the first time you are fighting her, if you happened to play Diablo Immortal you will notice she is a returning enemy. But fighting her in this game is definitely worth it thanks to her dropping Scattered Prism along with other Legendary items as rewards. And if you are planning to take on her World Boss version then you should prepare yourself first. Keep on reading to find out all her moves, their counters, and the drops you get for the fight.

Before Fighting Ashava

Preparation Tips to Fight Ashava

  • Level up: Starting with the basics make sure you are at least level 25 or above. This is important because if your level isn’t high enough you will barely damage her. Also the lower your level the easier it is for her to one-shot kill you.
  • Use Potions: In Diablo 4, you can only consume one potion at a time. And since most of Ashava’s attacks are physical, it is recommended you use some potion that improves your Armor to increase your defense. Any Iron Barb elixir will be good enough for it. Alternatively, you can also use any ‍Elixir of Poison Resistance to protect yourself from her Poison damage.
  • Abilities: Ashava doesn’t summon any mobs of enemies to fight you. So you can skip out on AoE abilities and focus on high-damage moves.
  • Spawn Location: The World boss mostly spawns in The Crucible (Fractured Peaks region). But it may also appear in one of these areas:
    • Seared Basin (Kehjistan region)
    • Caen Adar (Scosglen region)
    • Saraan Caldera (Dry Steppes region)
    • Fields of Desecration (Hawezar region)
  • Raid Size: You shouldn’t underestimate the world boss. So it is suggested you fight her alongside roughly 10 to 12 players. And the more the merrier!

How to Beat Ashava in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Beat Ashava The Pestilent

Attacking Ashava while staying closer to her legs and chipping her health away is the best way to defeat her. Throughout the fight she will use these moves and here is how you can counter them:

  • Bite: Attacking Ashava while standing directly in front of her will make her try to bite and swallow you whole. You can counter it by dodging to the side just when she is about to bite you.
  • Ground Punches: Ashava will punch the ground around her. Depending on how much health she has left she can attack with only one hand or use both. The best way to counter is to get away from her punch’s attack radius. The further away you are the lesser damage you will take.
  • Lunge attack: Ashava doesn’t always stay in one place to fight. She will either jump away from you. Or lunge at you. You can guess where she is about to jump based on her stance. Make sure you get out of the area where she will land to avoid taking damage.
  • Poison Breath: Ashava breathes poison in front of her. This is a simple but effective move on her part. Having poison resistance helps but dashing away is the best counter to it.
  • Blade Arc: Ashava plants the blade on her arm and swirls around. This move covers half a circle and can one-shot you if you get hit by it.
  • Blade Pull: Sometimes Ashava will Smack the ground while planting her blades inside. She will then pull it back and damage anything in its path. Countering this move works a lot like other moves, you have to not be in its attack range.

Be sure to check out our video on how to defeat Ashava the Pestilent. This video will be especially useful for players of the Necromancer and Rogue class.

Ashava Fight Rewards & Drops

Diablo 4 Ashava Reward Drops

After defeating her, here are the drops you can get as your reward.

  • Different items of varying rarities
  • Gold
  • Scattered Prism
  • Ashava’s Spoils (Can contain gems and gold inside it)

With that, you shouldn’t face any troubles taking down Ashava in her future World Boss encounters in Diablo 4. As for the Campaign, you have now completed the In Desolation’s Wake quest and are one step closer to Lilith. You should also check out our Diablo 4 section for more such boss fights and other topics for this game.