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How To Make A Beacon In Minecraft – Crafting Guide

Crafting Beacon is not easy in Minecraft. It requires some super rare items like glass, obsidian and Nether Star. Here is how to find them.

Crafting Beacons is not easy in Minecraft, as it requires a super rare item Nether Star. You will need 3x Obsidian blocks, 5x Glass, and 1 Nether Star to craft Beacon. Also, read how to use it. Beacons are one of the most powerful and useful items in Minecraft.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft?


In order to begin crafting a beacon, we will need a few important materials. Below is the be crafting recipe with a list of items required to proceed further.

Beacon Crafting Recipe

  • 5 x glass
  • 3 x obsidian blocks
  • 1 x Nether Star


Among all these listed materials, the Nether Star is the rarest and most difficult to find. Let’s find out how we can acquire this important item in the beacon-making process.

Where to find Nether Star in Minecraft?

  • To find a Nether Star, you first need to get into the nether in Minecraft.
  • Once in the nether, you need to locate a Nether Fortress.
  • While you’re here, you can also collect lava in a bucket to create obsidian blocks.
  • In the nether fortress, look for Wither skeletons. You’ll need the skulls from the skeletons in order to summon the Wither.
  • To summon the Wither, head underground so that you can limit its ability to attack you.
  • Once underground, summon the Wither by placing 4 blocks of soul sand in a “T” shape, with 3 Wither skeletons placed on top of the three upper blocks. Make sure that any one of the skulls is placed as the last block in the summoning process.


minecraft wither skeleton skull

  • Once summoned, make sure you have Smite on your sword to double your damage while fighting the Wither.

minecraft beacon smite sword

  • You will receive the Nether Star upon defeating the Wither.


Crafting the Beacon

  • After receiving the Nether Star, you can work on acquiring the remaining required materials.
  • You can acquire obsidian blocks by throwing the lava into the water.
  • For glass, you can collect 5 pieces of sand to make 5 pieces of glass.
  • Finally, to make the beacon you need to gather all your materials in the crafting menu.
  • In the first row of the crafting menu, place a glass piece in each of the vacant slots.
  • In the second row, place a glass piece in the first and third slot. Place the Nether Star in the middle slot.
  • Now, fill the vacant slots at the bottom of the crafting menu with the obsidian blocks.
  • And that’s how you make a beacon in Minecraft.

minecraft beacon crafting table

Placing the Beacon

  • Placing the beacon on the floor will yield no result.
  • This is because the beacon needs to be placed on a pyramid in order to function.
  • A pyramid can be built out of resources like emeralds, diamonds, gold, or iron.
  • You can build a pyramid out of iron and place the beacon on it, after which you will see the beacon glow.

minecraft how to make a beacon

Activating Power Boosts in Beacons

  • You can add iron bars to the beacon in order to activate the two available power effects available for the tier.
  • To increase the radius of the beacon and access more powers, you need to add more tiers to the beacon pyramid.
  • A four-tier pyramid will enable you to acquire regeneration powers, which you can add to your existing powers for a boost.

minecraft power table

Customizing Your Beacon

  • After working hard to craft your beacon, you’ll be pleased to know you can also customize your beacons with stained glasses of different colors.
  • You can do so by stacking stained glass on top of the beacon.
  • You can also create new colors by stacking consecutive stained glass panels.
  • You can also place glass panes in the beam of the beacon to change the color of the beam.
  • Just like in the beacon, you can also customize the color of the beam by stacking glass panes.

minecraft how to make a beacon in minecraft

So that was your detailed guide on how to make a beacon in Minecraft. As you can now see, beacons are an important element in Minecraft and with a little effort, you too can unlock the magical prowess of these rare items in Minecraft.