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Wordle Battle Royale – How To Play?

Wordle is now unofficially available in Multiplayer Battle Royale format and it's called Squabble! Here's how to play Squabble with friends.

Wordle took the world by storm and the “one word a day” format brought in the competitive aspect. But what if Wordle was a multiplayer battle royale game? For those for don’t know, Battle Royale is a format where a player eliminates everyone else and is the last person standing – like Fortnite. So, if you are wondering how this concept translates in a word puzzle game, keep reading.

How to Play Wordle Battle Royale?


Squabble is a multiplayer battle royale game based on Wordle. It puts you in a competitive mode that is timed. Here’s how to add players to the same lobby and play against each other. Perfect to play at school with friends when you’re bored or honestly, anywhere.

  • Visit Squabble.
  • Click on Create Game to make a new one or you can Join Game with a code that your friend will send to you.
    create lobby squabble
  • You can either play as a Guest or sign up with Twitter, Google, Facebook or create your account by adding your email and password.
  • Once you have created a game, you will see a Lobby code that you need to copy and send to your friends. (Click on the Eye icon to see the Lobby code).
    wordle battle royale unblocked
  • They will access the room and as soon as everyone is ready, type READY in the blocks shown.
  • This will start the timer and now you have to guess the word, exactly like Wordle.
  • Whoever guesses the first word will move on to the next word.
    how to play squabble
  • There’s also an add-on aspect of HP and Damage along with the timer. When you guess correctly, you heal damage and you take 1 damage every second.
  • Royale mode can be played with 6 to 99 players whereas Blitz mode is for 2 to 5 players.

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From my experience of playing this game – the concept is fun and exciting. But if I fail to guess a word, it does not show me what was the actual answer (or if it does show, it is not as clear as it is in Wordle). You can see the accurate guesses of other players in the form of colored blocks so that adds to the competitiveness. At the end of the game, the players are ranked and you can share the results on Twitter or wherever you want. Another interesting addition is the fact that you can watch a replay of the match too.

If this sounds quite interesting to you, then go ahead and play it along with your friends. May the best word-guesser, win! And if you prefer to master the Wordle game first, be sure to check out our guides on Gamer Tweak.