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Battle Night Best Heroes Tier List: All Heroes Ranked (April 2023)

Confused about picking the best heroes? Check out our Battle Night best heroes tier list to rank all the heroes from best to worst.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG is an idle cyber fantasy RPG that is set in the year 2077. With numerous adventures, this mobile game features different types of heroes to fight against your enemies. But with an extensive collection of heroes, a majority of players are confused about picking the right heroes for the team. Not to worry, we have compiled the best heroes and placed them into different tiers ranging from S tier to D Tier. So, check out our Battle Night best heroes tier list to find out all the heroes ranked from best to worst.

Battle Night Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked (April 2023)

battle night best heroes tier list

Here’s the Battle Night best heroes tier list ranking all the heroes from best to worst:

Tiers Heroes/Characters
S Tier Raphael
S Tier Vidar
S Tier Samuel
S Tier Nintu
A Tier Sage
A Tier Arngreene
A Tier Irene
A Tier Every
A Tier Beamon
A Tier Gilbert
A Tier Iggy
A Tier Mikaela
A Tier Misteltein
A Tier Nymeria
A Tier Phoebe
A Tier Poll
A Tier Sayung
A Tier Shreateh
A Tier Wassily
B Tier A-zhao
B Tier Beckinsale
B Tier Charlotte
B Tier Christina
B Tier Dreyfus
B Tier Garuda
B Tier Gasol
B Tier Harpe
B Tier Kapoor
B Tier Kratos
B Tier Lavinia
B Tier Legolas
B Tier Megalith
B Tier Phonoi
B Tier Rhaegal
B Tier Skadi
B Tier Sobel
B Tier Westerly
C Tier Arae
C Tier Attis
C Tier Caitlyn
C Tier Caledon
C Tier Cassini
C Tier Elva
C Tier Fino
C Tier Grinborth
C Tier Lyse
C Tier Minamoto
C Tier Naomi
C Tier Patroclus
C Tier Tiger
D Tier Alisha
D Tier Archer
D Tier Arteta
D Tier Camilla
D Tier Caroline
D Tier Daria
D Tier Dawn
D Tier Eunice
D Tier Evelynn
D Tier Finley
D Tier Hanna
D Tier Heloise
D Tier Khun
D Tier Leah
D Tier Mayne
D Tier Rowen
D Tier Thane
D Tier Tucci
D Tier Billy

Starting from the heroes placed in the S tier, all the heroes are overpowered and rare to find are placed in the S Tier. If you cannot get or find these overpowered characters, you can go for the heroes from A Tier. You can fully upgrade these characters to make them S-tier for battles. But if not, you can use these characters situationally to win battles or complete different game tasks.

Speaking of the characters placed on B Tier, these characters have a few limited abilities. You can use them during early or mid-game for battles and several game tasks. But in my opinion, these heroes can be used only until you obtain better heroes. All the characters from the C tier are commonly found but have fewer abilities and buffs. The same goes for the heroes placed in D Tier. The heroes placed in both the tiers are least recommended ones. So, we suggest replacing them with better heroes as you progress further into the game.

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