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Battle Night Codes (January 2023): How To Redeem?

Find the latest active and working codes for Battle Night and how to redeem them.

While Battle Night is already an exciting game to play by itself, you can enhance the experience even further with the help of codes. You can use codes in this game to redeem some amazing free prizes like Diamonds, Bullets, and even Senior Hire Coins! Doing so can help you progress even faster in the game. Now that you have heard about all of the advantages of using these codes, we bet you might be wondering where to get them and how to redeem them. If so, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all of the latest active and working codes, and also show you how to redeem them in the game.

Battle Night Codes (January 2023)


Active Codes in Battle Night

  • happy2021 – Redeem this code to get Diamonds and Senior Hire Coins.
  • Beckinsale2021 – Redeem this code to get a free reward.
  • losttown – Redeem this code to get Diamonds and Bullets.

These are all of the latest, active, and working codes in Battle Night. Now, let us take a look at the expired codes for this game.

Expired Codes

  • lionrises – Redeem this code to get a reward.

This is the only expired code in Battle Night. You will not be able to use this code anymore in the game.

Now that we know the active and expired codes, let us check out how to redeem them.

How to Redeem?

In order to redeem the codes from this article in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG, you will first need to open the game. Once you do so, head to the top of your screen and look for a button with Codes written on it. After finding this button, tap on it. Doing so will open up a new screen. This screen will ask you to enter your codes. Choose your favorite code from this list and enter it into the text box. Now, simply click on the Redeem button. And voila! You now have your very own rewards!

And that’s it. These are all of the codes in Battle Night, as well as how to redeem them. Use the prizes you receive from these codes to play even better and have an amazing gameplay experience! Now that you know all the codes, check out our Mobile Game Guides for useful tips & information for your favorite games!