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TOTK Bargainer Statue Locations (Full List)

Struggling to find the Bargainer Statue location around the Kingdom of Hyrule? Then, check out the exact coordinates of every statue in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

In Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to explore various locations to find all Bargainer Statue around the map. That’s because just like you, many players are saving up on the Poes and planning to acquire the Dark Tunic armor. As you’ll not get to obtain all the pieces by praying at one statue, it’s best to visit all of them to obtain the rewards. Apart from the armor, these huge statues also hold other resources, which can surely come in handy. With that being said, let’s dive into the exact coordinates of all the Bargainer Statues in TotK.

List of All Bargainer Statue Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are 7 Bargainer Statue, that you can find in different locations. Among these statues, one of them is in the Lookout Landing and the rest of them can be found in the Depths. If you have enough Poes with you, then you can ask the Lookout Landing small Bargainer Statue to mark other Statue locations. However, it’ll cost you up to 100 Poes. But why waste this hard-earned currency for nothing, when you can have the locations for free?

TotK Bargainer Statue Locations surface world
Source Image: MapGenie

Surface World Bargainer Statue

Statue Locations  Coordinates
Lookout Landing -0252 0152 0020
List of All Bargainer Statue Locations in Tears of the Kingdom Depths
Source Image: MapGenie

Depths Bargainer Statues

Statue Locations  Coordinates
Plains 0458, -0804, -0471
Great Abandoned Central Mine -0252, 0152, 0020
Wellspring of Wisdom 3848 -1329 -0858
Wellspring of Power 3710, 2595, -0394
Cliff  -1027, 2691, -0275
Wellspring of Courage 0884, -2403, -0393

Now you know the locations & coordinates of every Bargainer Statue in Tears of the Kingdom. For your convenience below we have mentioned all the best ones that you can reach easily.

Best Bargainer Statues in TotK (Easy to Reach)

Here we have mentioned the Bargainer Statues that you can visit easily in the early stages of the game. As mentioned earlier, apart from the Dark Tunic and other armor pieces, all the statues will offer the same items for the same amount of Poes.

lookout landing Statue totk
Source Image: Austin John Plays

Lookout Landing Bargainer Statue

This is the very first and very easy-to-find Bargainer Statue in the game. To reach here, all you have to do is first complete the quest given by Joshua & Robbie and collect some poes from the Depths. After that head into the tent below the Purah’s Lab and you’ll be good to do. Praying here will allow you to buy a Dark Tunic outfit piece for 150 Poes. (Coordinates: -0252 0152 0020)

wisdom of power Bargainer Statues Locations
Source image: Austin John Plays

Wellspring of Power Bargainer Statue

To head here take the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, and make your way gliding to the East Akkala Plains Chasm. After entering the chasm keep gliding in the northwest direction and you’ll find the Bargainer Statue you are looking for. This statue will offer you the Dark Hood for 300 Poes and Dark Trousers for 200 Poes. (Coordinates: 3710, 2595, -0394)

Great Abandoned Central Mine Bargainer Statue

In this area, you’ll find the statue at the edge of the mine. But in order to use it you’ll have to complete the A Call from the Depths side quest. This quest starts at the Temple of Time Ruins and can take pretty long to complete. However, we still recommend you to do it, as it can allow you to increase your Hearts or Stamina in the game. (Coordinates: -0252, 0152, 0020)

That covers all about the locations to find the Bargainer Statue in Tears of the Kingdom and some best ones to visit. If you are having trouble finding Poes, then check out our farming guide. Also, take a look at how to get Gloom Resistant Armor so you can explore the depths freely.