Famous Streamers Who Were Banned Permanently From Twitch

Here are some of the popular streamers who were banned from Twitch Permanently.

Twitch is the biggest Streaming Platform with a variety of streamers on deck. From streamers who play games with live commentary to debate & content creators, Twitch ensures an engaging streaming experience. Speaking of streamers, there are a number of famous ones with a huge fanbase. Although, some of them were banned from the streaming platform due to unacceptable behavior or controversies. No matter who you are, doing anything that violates Twitch’s policy will result in a suspension or potential lifetime ban. There’s a whole list of such streamers who were permanently banned from Twitch. Check out this list to know some of the most famous ones.

Famous Streamers who were Banned From Twitch

Here’s a list of the top 5 famous streamers who were banned from Twitch Permanently. Make sure to read the list till the end because we have added a popular public figure.

Dr. Disrespect

Permanently Banned Streamers From Twitch

Herschel Beahm IV aka Dr. Disrespect was banned from Twitch permanently in the Summer of 2020. The reason behind his ban is unknown but according to some officials, it is said that Dr. Disrespect Violated Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Moreover, the news of his ban came just after he signed a multi-year contract with the streaming giant. He is one of the most popular streamers who was banned by Twitch indefinitely.


Permanently Banned Streamers From Twitch

Jidon Adams was known for his prank-style content videos wherein he used to raid other channels. He once sent some viewers to raid Pokimane’s Channel due to some personal issues. This led to the spread of toxicity on her channel. Soon after that, Twitch looked into this matter and banned the streamer for 14 days. However, JiDion’s intention of pranking people in the future again after the uplifting of the ban was quite clear. This led to an extension of the suspension from 14 to a lifetime ban on JiDion’s Twitch account.


Destiny Twitch Suspension

Steven Kenneth Bonnell aka Destiny was one of the popular ‘Just Chatting’ streamers. In his stream, he always used to debate political issues. His biased remarks on a specific section of society caused him to be suspended six times followed by which a permanent ban was imposed on Destiny’s Twitch account.

Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon Twitch Suspension

Paul Denino also known as Ice Poseidon is a YouTube streamer and former Twitch streamer. His ban was one of the most controversial topics of that time. On April 2017, he was traveling back to Phoenix, Arizona wherein he was escorted by the Authority. Later, the reason was disclosed that there was a potential threat at that Airport. The person who reported the threat obtained the location of Ice Poseidon from his live stream which he recorded before landing. Following the incident, Twitch permanently banned the streamer from the platform to save their reputation.


ZilianOP Twitch Suspension

Angel “zilianOP” Hamilton was a popular World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch who was banned for a shocking reason. His disability drew him a majority of viewers and eventually $20,000 to purchase an expensive wheelchair. Once while streaming, he was caught walking which led to a huge controversy. He was then banned from Twitch for faking his disability. After that, Hamilton made his return in 2020 and said that he was able to walk again due to years of physical therapy. For your reference, I have linked the video where ZilianOP performed the miracle!

Donald Trump (Bonus Streamer) – Former US President Banned by Twitch

Permanently Banned Streamers From Twitch

The former President of the United States also made it to the list of people who were permanently banned from Twitch. Trump joined Twitch to expand his campaign for re-election. Further, an unfortunate attack at US Capitol shook the nation on January 6, 2021. Following this, Donald Trump’s Twitch account was disabled and banned to protect the community and avoid the spread of toxicity and hate.

These were some of the most popular streamers whose account was permanently banned from Twitch. For more such content, make sure to check out our Features Category on Gamer Tweak.