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Back 4 Blood: Does It Have Splitscreen Mode For Local Co-Op ?

Does Back 4 Blood have splitscreen? Here's everything you need to know.

Back 4 Blood is currently in closed Beta and a Splitscreen feature hasn’t made an appearance as yet. Is this the final version of the game or will there be an addition of this feature in later updates? Let’s find out!

Does Back 4 Blood have Split Screen for Local Multiplayer?

back 4 blood split-screen

Much to the disappointment of gamers, Back 4 Blood won’t be having a splitscreen feature. The closed beta had no trace of a split screen, which pretty much guarantees that the release won’t see the feature either. This basically means that you won’t be able to play Back 4 blood on one system with another player simultaneously.

Will Back 4 Blood have a Split Screen Update?

splitscreen in back 4 blood

There certainly is hope! The developers have made this known via a Q&A session hosted by them. They mentioned that Back 4 Blood currently has no plans of a split-screen feature implementation. However, they did say that if the community really desired this feature and the game saw a huge wave of success, they’d look into the possibility. This gives hopes for the future for a split screen feature in-game. Till then you can enjoy the multiplayer feature aka co-op mode of the game to play along with your friends as you swipe away hordes of the undead.

And there you have it! Back 4 Blood has NO splitscreen feature, but there could be a future update where it appears. Till then, make use of the cross-platform co-op entertainment you’re about to witness in Back 4 Blood.

The beta version of Back 4 Blood has quickly managed to grab the attention of gamers all around the globe. With the release date planned around the second week of October this year, there’s no questioning the fanbase this game has gathered even before its release. Here’s our review of B4B which has all our first impressions of the beta.

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