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Back 4 Blood: How To Ping Ammo, Enemies, Weapons & More

Let's look at how to ping in B4B and help your teammates with important info.

Back 4 Blood is best played with friends who will kill every zombie in their way while also helping you in times of need. Teamwork is a priority for survival. And for this reason, knowing how to ping in Back 4 Blood is important. Basically, you can ping friends and let them know about particular weapons, ammo, attachments and more without using voice chat.

How to Ping in Back 4 Blood

How To Ping In Back 4 Blood

Here’s how to ping in B4B on different platforms:

Aim your crosshair at whatever you want to ping and then press the following buttons on PC and consoles:

  • PC: Press Q on your keyboard
  • Xbox: Press LB on your Xbox controller
  • PlayStation: Press L1 on your PS controller

That’s pretty much it. With a press of a single button, you can ping and let your teammates know about crucial information in your run. You will see that a marker gets set at whatever it is you are pinging.

This will not only help them get more loot but it will also help them survive for much longer. Console players can also press the up button on the dpad which will make a option wheel show up. Here, you can choose to ping enemy locations, useful items etc and generally keep them informed about their environment. You can tell others to wait, group up, go here and also approve or deny a request.

With the dangerous zombies and terrifying bosses ready to catch you in their grip present in Back 4 Blood, being on the same page as a group is important. If you get left alone and swarmed by enemies, you will die.

That’s all about how to ping in Back 4 Blood and why you should ping while playing with friends or even random players. We’ve got more B4B tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak that you can check out for more in-depth and hidden info.