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Minecraft 1.18 – How To Find & Grow Azalea Trees

Here's all about where do Azalea trees spawn in Minecraft 1.18 as well as how to grow them via Azalea & Flowering Azalea blocks.

Azalea trees are an addition in Minecraft 1.18 and this guide will focus on where to find them and more about Azalea blocks as well as how to grow the trees. So, let’s get right into it!

Where to Find Azalea Trees in Minecraft 1.18

Wondering where do Azalea Trees spawn in Minecraft 1.18? It will generate above the Lush Cave biome in the forest area. Basically, you need to look for Oak trees with Azalea leaves and Flowering Azalea leaves which will generate above a lush cave where there is an empty space. Mostly you will find them in the overworld but some may also spawn inside caves. It has Rooted Dirt blocks that reach the lush cave when you keep digging and it has Hanging Roots as well (if there is enough space).

how to get azalea and flowering azalea minecraft

How to Grow Azalea Trees?

  • You need Azaleas and Flowering Azaleas and when you use Bone Meal on them, it could grow an Oak tree with Azalea leaves.
  • To get Azalea or Flowering Azalea, first, get your hands on some moss blocks. You can get moss blocks from the Wandering Trader or you can also find shipwrecks in ocean biomes where there could be chests that you can loot. As soon as you find one, keep it on the ground where you want the Azalea tree to spawn.
  • Next, use Bone meal on it.
  • You will get the Azalea and Flowering Azalea blocks.
  • Use bone meal on them again and you will get Azalea trees.
  • Note that when you use bone meal on a moss block, if there is 3×3 to 7×7 space available, there’s a 15% chance of getting an Azalea block and a 5 % chance of getting Flowering Azalea.

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Where can you Place Azalea?

You can place Azaleas on dirt, rooted dirt, moss blocks, farmland, grass blocks, coarse dirt, podzol and clay.

That’s pretty all you need to know to get started with the Azalea blocks and trees in Minecraft 1.18. As for the usage, they are flowers so they serve the same purpose (pollination by bees). If Oak trees are grown from saplings and are also next to a Flowering Azalea (under a distance of 2 blocks), then there’s a small chance of getting a bee nest that has up to 3 bees in it.

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