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Minecraft: How To Get Moss Blocks?

This is how you can get Moss Block in Minecraft after the 1.17 update.

Moss Blocks in Minecraft are not just here for aesthetics, but they do have a number of uses too. The 1.17 update has changed the dynamics a bit on how to get your hands on these. before the update, these blocks used to spawn in the environment where you could collect them from. But after the update, they have stopped spawning in the environment. Usually, the lush caves biome had these blocks and you could find them under and around the Azalea Trees. But now that this has been changes, here is how you can get the Moss Blocks in Minecraft after the 1.17 Update.

How to Get Moss Block in Minecraft?


Shipwreck Minecraft

After the 1.17 Update, you can get Moss Blocks in Minecraft by trading. Find a wandering trader and he will give you 2 moss blocks in exchange for 1 emerald.

Apart from that, you can also get them from Shipwrecks. These are hard to come across but worth the try. Explore your Ocean Biomes and you shall come across shipwrecks if you are lucky. Depending on the size of the shipwreck, you will find supply chests in them ranging from 1 to 3 which will give you Mosss Blocks in Minecraft. If you do not find the moss block itself, you will find an emerald that you can later trade to get the block.


Uses of These Blocks

Moss Block Uses

There are three things that can be made out of these moss blocks which are:


  • Moss Carpet – x2 Moss Block
  • Mossy Cobblestone – x1 Cobblestone, x1 Moss Block
  • Mossy Stone Bricks – x1 Stone Brick, x1 Moss Block

So that is all for our guide on how to get Moss Blocks in Minecraft. If you would like to know how to get Glow Squids in the game, we have an article on that too for you to check out.