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Diablo Immortal – How To Awaken Gear

Check out our guide on how to awaken gear in Diablo Immortal.

The events of Diablo Immortal take between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. As you progress into its monstrous world, you need to upgrade gear and weapons to fight the monsters. You can upgrade the Legendary gems that offer buffs to their attributes. While the maximum level for the upgrades for these gems is 10, you can upgrade them further by awakening them. As you awaken these gems, you unlock its Gem Resonance which offers further upgrades. But can you do the same for the Gear? Yes! So, here’s our guide on how to awaken Gear in Diablo Immortal.

How to Awaken Gear in Diablo Immortal


You can awaken the Gear by socketing Legendary gems into them. But for that, you need to awaken a legendary gem. Follow these steps to awaken a legendary gem and gear:

  • Upgrade the rank of a Legendary gem to a maximum level of 10.
  • Then, head over and interact with Master Jeweler, Vic.
  • Select the Gem Resonance option and select the level 10, Legendary Gem.
  • If you are looking for Legendary gems, check out our guide on how to get and upgrade the Legendary Gem.
  • You will get an option to awaken the gem. But you also need to purchase the Dawning Echo which costs 1000 Eternal Orbs.
  • As Orbs are a premium currency, you can purchase 1650 Orbs for $ 24.99.
  • Then, select the Awaken option to unlock its resonance and awaken it.
  • As you interact with him, select the gear and socket the awakened Legendary gem to awaken the gear.

diablo immortal how to awaken gear


  • This will enhance the Legendary Gear’s functionality and unlock the additional resonance for further upgrades.
  • In addition to that, it will also add a cool cosmetic look to the Gear and increase its attributes.
  • Once you have socketed the gem, your gear will get an Awakened status and an additional resonance.
  • There are two tiers to the resonance and you can unlock them by socketing normal Gems.

awaken gear diablo immortal

  • You can navigate over the gems to look at the upgrades they offer.
  • Hit the select option to socket a gem into the awakened gear or item to increase its resonance.


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