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Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems: How To Get & Upgrade

Here's our guide on how to get and upgrade the Legendary gems in Diablo Immortal.

As you progress through the world of Diablo Immortal, you equip several abilities and gear for your build. These abilities can be boosted with the use of several Gems in different slots. You can get unique buffs and effects as you equip these gems into the slots. While there are two types of gems, only the legendary ones can offer you these buffs. In addition to that, you can also upgrade these Gems for a greater boost. So, here’s our guide on how to get and upgrade Legendary gems in Diablo Immortal.


How to Get Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal

You can get these gems through crests rewarded for completing Elder Rifts. Alternatively, you can also get these Legendary gems by purchasing them in-game shop. These gems have different effects and buffs to them. There are three types of Legendary gems and they are as follows:

  • One-starred Legendary Gems
  • Two-starred Legendary Gems
  • Five-starred Legendary Gems


As you complete an Elder Rift, you receive legendary or rare crests. These crests have a higher chance of getting some non-gear items including the legendary gems and runes. These Elder Rifts are the dungeons that can be replayed again for farming rewards.

While the Legendary Crests guarantee to get one of the gems, rare crests carry a smaller chance of getting them. You can use a suitable amount of Runes and Platinum currency to craft the Legendary gems. For that, head over to the Apprentice Jeweler and interact with them.

diablo immortal legendary gems


You can also purchase the gems from the in-game shop. In addition to that, you can purchase a Legendary gem by using the Fading Ember. Head over to the Fading Ember Merchant to interact and purchase the gems. One of the other ways to get the Legendary gems is through the Battle Pass.

How to Upgrade Legendary Gems

As mentioned earlier, upgrading legendary gems boosts and upgrades their effects as well as buffs. You can upgrade them by heading to the Apprentice Jeweler at Seril in Westmarch. You can rank the gems to increase their resonance, combat rating, damage multiplier, and other attributes. While you don’t require any Runes or Eternal Orbs to rank them up, you need to find the same Gem itself for an upgrade. You would also need the Gem fragments to complete this process. For more upgrades, you need more duplicates and more Gem fragments.


That’s all on how to get and upgrade Legendary gems in Diablo Immortal. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on how to add friends and play Co-op in Diablo Immortal right here on Gamer Tweak.