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How To Attach Suppressor At A Workbench In DMZ Upgraded Arsenal

Here is how to attach a suppressor at a Workbench in the Upgraded Arsenal mission in DMZ.

ga gatWant to know how to attach a Suppressor to a weapon at a Workbench in DMZ? Then look no further as we will help you out. Workbenches are the latest addition in the Season 3 update of Warzone 2. They help you customize your weapons with different attachments during a game. However, one of the Faction missions called Upgraded Arsenal in the game requires players to attach a suppressor as a part of the objective. For players having trouble using the Workbench, we will explain how to do it and also complete the mission in DMZ.

How To Attach Suppressor At A Workbench In DMZ

You will find Workbenches close to every Buy Station in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Once you find a Workbench, go near to interact with it. Then press the “Upgrade” option for your Insured or Contraband weapon. To attach a Suppressor to a weapon at a Workbench, you will need to select the Muzzle option. From there, purchase any Suppressor you like and it will automatically be equipped to your gun. Keep in mind to have spare cash of 3000$ to buy the Muzzle.

As we said before, attaching a Suppressor at the Workbench is the first part of the Upgraded Arsenal Faction mission in DMZ. The remaining two are:

  • Kill 9 Cartel or AQ soldiers with a Suppressed Weapon
  • Extract with 2 Suppressed Weapons in one Deployment

How to Complete Upgraded Arsenal Mission DMZ

You will need to eliminate 9 Cartel or AQ Soldiers before you can extract out of the DMZ. You can either kill AQ soldiers or go searching for the Cartel Soldiers at the Hafid Port. Make sure that your Insured weapon as well as your Contraband, has a Muzzle attached. This is because you will need to extract two suppressed weapons in the same deployment. So, if one of your guns doesn’t have the Muzzle, make sure to buy and equip it from the Workbench.

That’s all you need to know on how to Attach a Suppressor to a Weapon at a Workbench in DMZ. We hope you managed to complete the Upgrade Arsenal faction mission in Warzone 2. While you’re here, visit our COD Warzone 2 section for the latest Season 3 guides.