COD Mobile Assault Rifle (AR) Tier List

Here is a Tier List of All of the Assault Rifles in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile is a Battle Royale and multiplayer game developed by Activision. Like every COD Game, you will need the best Weapons and the best Loadouts for those Weapons to win against your Enemies. Assault Rifles are guns that can be considered as an all-around type of Weapon. You can use it for Long Range Fights as well as for CQC. With the right Loadout, any Assault Rifle (AR) in COD Mobile can be amazing but there are just some that are the best in any situation. So in this guide, I have made this Tier List where I have listed the best Assault Rifles from S-Tier to the worst AR you get in F-Tier.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle (AR) Tier List

assualt rifle cod mobile

Here is the Tier List for the ARs in COD Mobile From S-Tier to F-Tier.

Tier Assault Rifle (AR)
S Man-O-War
S M13
S ASM-10
S LK24
A Swordfish
A AK-117
A HVK-30
A KN44
B Type 25
B Peacekeeper MK2
B AK-47
C BK-57
C FR.556
F M4
F M16

S-Tier Assault Rifles is the Best group of ARs in COD Mobile at the moment. You can use these guns pretty much in their base form and still find a lot of success. It becomes very difficult to lose when you get a hand on one of these guns. A-Tier Assault Rifles are still good but need a decent Loadout to be as effective as the S-Tier ARs. Then comes the B-Tier, these ARs are decent to average and will require the best Loadout to work effectively in COD Mobile. C-Tier ARs are situational Weapons in COD Mobile. They are best used to get an Enemy in an ambush and then swap for a B-Tier at the minimum. The worst Assault Rifles to use in the game are in the F-Tier. They need to be buffed from their current state as many other ARs can fill their Roles.

This was the COD Mobile Assault Rifle Tier List. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Pride Bundle & PS4 Controller Not Working Fix in COD Mobile.