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PS4 Controller Not Working For COD Mobile Fix

Wondering why your PS4 controller isn't working on COD Mobile? Here you go!

COD Mobile brings the joy of Call of Duty on the screen you carry along in your pocket. It’s quite in-depth and a large number of players enjoy sinking their teeth into the game. If you happen to own a PS4 or Xbox One controller or even third-party controllers then you have the option to connect them to your phone to play the game. This not only gives you the option to get a console-like experience but also gives you an edge over the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind your controller not being able to connect and what some of the fixes are.

PS4 Controller Not Working For COD Mobile

call of duty mobile ps4 controller not working

  • There can be a number of issues for your PS4 controller to now work ranging from technical to connectivity problems to just compatibility errors.
  • Bluetooth problems like your phone or controller not being able to locate each other. This can be solved by turning the Bluetooth setting on your phone off and turning your controller off then starting them back at the same time so they can quickly identify each other.
  • It could also be caused because of the firmware on your controller not being up to date.
    When you connect a controller and it says that it’s connected make sure to go into the settings and see if the controller layout is in display, if yes then you are good to go. If not, however, then your inputs won’t register. Try reconnecting it and this should probably fix it.
  • Finally, see if your phone and or controller has support for the optimal Bluetooth hardware or not.

There you go, these have been some of the problems that can hinder your controller experience in COD Mobile and some potential fixes for them. I hope this helped and if it did then don’t forget to check out other articles here at GamerTweak.