How To Catch Eels in AC Valhalla

Want to know how to get Eels in AC Valhalla? Here are the locations you can go to.

During your adventure, you will be asked to catch Eel but where is the Eel location in AC Valhalla? Where exactly should you go to find it? We give you the answer to your question in this guide. So, when a character asks you to get an Eel for his stew in the Ledecesterscire World Event, this is where you need to visit.

Where to Find Eels in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?


All you have to do to find eels in AC Valhalla is to go to the river that’s near the man’s house. Simply turn around and it will be nearby. But in order to catch an Eel in that location, you must first have the Fishing Line and for that, you should have already unlocked the Fishing Hut in your settlement. If you haven’t done that yet, it is highly recommend because it is useful for many other things as well.

Apart from this location, you can also find Eel if you head to the rivers of East Anglia, Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, Oxenefordscire and Sciropescire. Once you reach the river, use a bow and arrow to kill the Eel and dive in to loot it.

Then, head back to the man and give the Eel to him. He will ask you to add it to the pot so go ahead and do that. The pot is right next to him so approach and interact with it. But if you don’t get a prompt to interact and can’t add eels to the pot, here’s what you can do. Turn off the game and load it up again – this should bring up the prompt. That’s all you can do right now and we hope Ubisoft fixes this bug in the next patch.

That’s all about where to find Eels in AC Valhalla and the locations to get more of them. We hope this helps you out. There’s another fish you can catch and that’s the Bullhead – know where to find it in the linked guide. And for everything else, be sure to read our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki.