How To Use Bow In AC Valhalla & Get More Arrows

This is how to aim and shoot with Bow and arrows. Also find out how to get more Arrows in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Arrows are essential weapons to have in your arsenal to take out enemies from a distance. You will find various types of bows in this game, each of them having their own purpose and specialties. There are Light bows, Hunter bows as well as Predator bows. How much damage you inflict on your enemies depends on your aim and how long you pull it. In this guide, we will explain how to use the bow and get more arrows if you run out while playing.

How to Use Bow and Arrows in Assassins Creed Valhalla


All you have to do is aim with right mouse button and fire with the left mouse button to shoot with your bow. On controllers, you can use LT/L2 to aim bow and RT/R2 to shoot/fire with it. If you aim for your enemy’s head, you can deal more damage and stun them further. Now, an important question that comes to mind is – what should you do when you run out of arrows? Well, there are a few ways to get more arrows.

What to Do when you run out of Arrows – How to Get more?

You can get more arrows in AC Valhalla by purchasing them from vendors, finding them while exploring the world or taking them from dead bodies of foes. Upgrading your Trading Post, which costs 600 supplies and 40 raw materials, will give you a space to buy weapons or other items. Remember that upgrading your quiver size will also give you more storage space for arrows.

How to Upgrade Quiver

For this purpose, you need Leather and Iron Ore. Once you have the required items you can upgrade your quiver from the Inventory Menu. That means you can carry more arrows with you that will surely save you during combat.

This was all about how to shoot with a bow and how to get more arrows in AC Valhalla. Keep reading our other Assassins Creed Valhalla guides on how to dual wield weapons, how to upgrade armor and dodge enemy attacks.