Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Cow Catcher: How To Complete Quest

If you've built the Cattle Farm, complete the AC Valhalla Cow Catcher side quest. Hunt cows for the Yule Festival feast to earn Yule Tokens.

During the Yule Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will come across a side mission called Cow Catcher. This will be available if you have built the Cattle Farm building in your settlement. Now, in this side quest, you have to catch cows that have escaped. These cows were meant to get slaughtered for the feast, so Eivor and Bertham (the one who set them free) have to search for the missing cows and come back. Here’s how to complete the Cow Catcher AC Valhalla side quest.

How to Complete Cow Catcher in AC Valhalla

Follow these steps to complete the Cow Catcher AC Valhalla mission easily.

  • How to Start Cow Catcher: Make sure that you’ve already built the Cattle Farm. This settlement upgrade improves the Feast buff and requires 800 Supplies and 60 Raw Materials to build. Once you have built it, talk to Winfrith  who will be standing near it with Bertham. This is how you can start the mission of reaching the shore and catching the cows.
  • How to Reach the Shore: Head to the shore which is to the south of the Cattle Farm. You will see a boat there.
  • Get into the boat with Bertham and reach the other side. Now it’s time to search for the 4 Cows.
  • Use your Raven to locate the Cows from a distance. Once you spot one, mark its location and walk towards it.
  • How to Hunt the Missing Cattle: When you come near a cow, go ahead and use your bow and arrow to shoot it. Then, collect the Cattle Meat as loot.

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Follow this process of locating the cows with your Raven and using your arrows to hunt them down. For the last cow, though, you will have to wait until Bertham comes towards it and a cutscene gets triggered.

After this, you have to escort Bertham Back to Winfrith at the settlement. You can take the same route with the boat, swim towards it or use your mount to get to the Cattle Farm.

When you talk to Winfrith, you will appreciate Bertham while calling him a Beast Slayer. That’s how to complete the Cow Catcher AC Valhalla side quest. You will get 140 Yule Tokens as a reward that you can use to exchange for items from Norvid. This is one of the easiest side quests in the game and the interaction between Eivor and Bertham is quite fun too.

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