Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lork Or Gerhild Answer Guide

Pick the right traitor.

As a part of the Old Wounds quest in Essexe arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will be given a choice between Lork or Gerhild for choosing who is Rollo’s traitor. Choosing the wrong traitor can make getting Estrid out of England a lot harder for you. Hence, we are here with this AC Valhalla Lork or Gerhild answer guide so that you can choose the right option for who is Rollo’s traitor.

AC Valhalla: Who is Rollo’s Traitor – Lork or Gerhild

To put it simply, choose Gerhild as Rollo’s traitor in Old Wounds quests in AC Valhalla. Below we will describe why we choose her among Lork or Gerhild, and what helped us come to this conclusion.
The first thing that Eivor has to do to come to this conclusion is to talk to both the suspects who were found in the wild. Both the suspect will claim that they were out hunting rabbits. However, Lork will also say that he saw Gerhild communicating with a Saxon. After talking to the suspects, you have to start examining the nearby area to find the traitor.

assassin's creed valhalla lork or gerhild answer guide

When you examine the nearby rack, it will be full. This indicates that both of them are lying and neither had a need to go hunting. You will also find a hiding spot to the left of Gerhild. Now, after the examination, when you interact with both of them again, Lork will say that he was asleep and hid after the attack. On the other hand, Gerhild will say that she was meeting a lover. After this second interaction, Lork’s story will sound believable. Here’s why:

who is rollo's traitor in essexe in old wounds quest

It is mentioned that Lork is old and frail, which comes in accordance with the sleeping and hiding part. Also, you have found a hiding spot, which explains where he would have hidden during the attack. On top of it, Gerhild tells that she was there to meet a lover. The lover might be the Saxon that Lork has seen her with.

Now coming to Gerhild, she hates Rollo for seeing Estrid; hence, her seeing a Saxon doesn’t seem likely at all. Also, she does not have any explanation as to why she was left alive in the attack.

who is rollo's traitor lork or gerhild in assassin's creed valhalla

Finding the Old Wounds Traitor in AC Valhalla

With all these pieces of evidence and the examination that you just conducted, it is time to accuse Lork or Gerhild as the traitor to complete this Old Wounds quest. The evidence is clearly in favor of Lork; hence, it is clear that Gerhild is Rollo’s traitor and you should choose her between Lork or Gerhild in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla during the Old Wounds quest in Essexe arc.

What are The Consequences of Your Decision?

When you choose Gerhild as the traitor, she is killed. If you choose Lork as the traitor, Gerhild lives. This means that the traitor will live and she will cause trouble getting Estrid out of England. She might also harm Estrid later in the game.

We hope this AC Valhalla Lork or Gerhild answer guide will help you pick Rollo’s traitor and complete the Old Wounds quest easily. There are several other choices and decisions that you have to make throughout the game. We have crafted guides on all these choices and their consequences so that you can always pick the right option. Ensure reading our Lady Ellette of Colchester, who should be Jarl, Rowan or Holger, and Lady Eadwyn choice consequences guides for assistance with making the right decisions.