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Tips on How to Change, Upgrade & Customize Armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

Armors are a vital attribute of Jin's play-style, you can change them, customize or upgrade to unlock extra power and buffs.

Armors are a primary component of Jin’s body that unlocks extra buffs, power, and bonus points. With weapons, your load-out must have a decent armor in Ghost of Tsushima. As you progress in the story you will unlock ample parts and new armors in the game. The same goes for weapons and other accessories. In this guide, I will show you how to change armor in Ghost of Tsushima, how to customize and upgrade it.

Steps to Change Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Customization is an integral part of Armors in Ghost of Tsushima. There is a section that lets you modify the armor to give it a distinctive look. But before it is important to know how to change armors.

At the start Jin begins with broken armor, more fragile and weak against a strong enemy. But as you progress you will unlock your first armor in Traveler’s Attire. The armor will unlock three bonus that focuses more on vision and locating artifacts. The list is below, every armor in Ghost of Tsushima has some additional buffs.

  1. Use Guiding Wind to locate Artifacts.
  2. The controller will vibrate if an Artifact is within a 30m of range.
  3. 20% less fog of war while traveling.

Such buffs will help you a lot in different aspects of the game play. To change armor in Ghost of Tsushima follow the steps below.

  1. Press Options > Gears.
  2. Outfits > Cycle through different armors and pick one.

Armors that you have unlocked will be only visible in Gears part of the game. As you unlock more, newer armors will appear and you can change them anytime during the gameplay. There are more options on the same menu allowing you to customize armor color style. But there is a requirement to unlock colors for armors in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to Unlock new colors for Armors in Ghost of Tsushima?

Find undiscovered flowers in the game, you will come across them while exploring the wide-open areas of the game. Collect the flowers and find a merchant. Give that to him and buy new colors for your armors. The merchant sells colors in the form of dyes, you can pick your favorite color and apply through the Gears section of Ghost of Tsushima.

This is the way to customize armor in Ghost of Tsushima, it is not that complicated, all you have to do is keep an eye on undiscovered flowers.

How to upgrade Armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

Customization is a basic thing it just focuses on the look but what matters is getting more from the armor. And it can only be done by upgrading the armors in Ghost of Tsushima. Every armor has three upgrade levels and you can upgrade the same by visiting the Armorer on the Map. The best way is to use Fast Travel to reach them fast.

Armorer is the one who can help you to boost your armor power to the max. Grab some Linen and Supplies before you visit, every Armor upgrade has a cost and material requirements. You can increase Armor stats by upgrading them and this is highly important in Ghost of Tsushima.