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Best Ark Fjordur Organic Polymer Farming Locations

Here are the best Ark Fjordur organic polymer farming locations.

Ark Fjordur is a cool new expansion pack that has made playing Ark: Survival Evolved a more immersive experience. Bringing with it are many new resources that you must find and use. Whether it’s to build a shelter or to improve living conditions, these resources are vital for your livelihood. One of these resources is the organic polymer that can be used as a crafting material in the game. You can find this item in several places. However, some locations are going to be better than others. In this guide, we will show you how and which locations you can farm organic polymer in Ark Fjordur.

What are the Best Locations to Farm Organic Polymer in Ark Fjordur?


What are the Best Locations to Farm Organic Polymer

There are A couple of ways to harvest organic polymer. From animals to select plants, you will find this valuable resource if you look in the right places. Here are the locations that you must look at when you want to farm organic polymer in the game:

  • On Swamp Island
  • In the Snow Biome
  • Aberration Cave


You can also get it by killing Kairuku, Mantis, Hesperornis, and Karkinos. As well as through a loot drop from Deathworm. Here is where you can find the polymer farming locations in detail.

On Swamp Island

Go to 44.6 LAT and 11.1 LON which is on the West side of the map. This location has a bunch of dead dinos that you can harvest both, spoiled meat and organic polymer from. Take a tame with you to harvest faster and better hide from other creatures.


This is a hit-or-miss location that will either grant you a lot of loot or will give you nothing. Make sure to visit often to try your luck.

In the Snow Biome

Go to 54.0 LAT and 34.0 LON in the snow biome to find plenty of penguins through which you can harvest this valuable resource. You will need to kill these penguins to get this crafting material easily.


Once you finish here, you can even go to the volcanic biome to kill mantises if need be. However, you should be warned that the penguins are a better shot than those.

Aberration Cave

Next to the beach, on the bottom left of the map, you will find a cave that holds great amounts of organic polymer. Go to 86.3 LAT and 04.7 LON to find the entrance of the cave and keep going till you reach 86.5 LAT and 10.0 LON. Here, you will find an Aberration cave that holds several bushes that can be farmed for organic polymer easily.

Use Moschops, Therizinosaurs, and other tamed animals to farm these bushes easily. As bushes respawn fastest, you will find that this is one of the best locations to find organic polymer in.

This was your guide on how to find the best farming locations for organic polymer in Ark Fjordur. If you enjoy playing this game then check out this guide on where to find Shadowmanes.