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ARK Fjordur: Where To Find Shadowmanes

Wondering where to find Shadowmanes in Ark Fjordur, then check out this guide for their spawn location.

Ark Survival Evolved launched its DLC expansion Fjordur and has gathered huge attractions. It follows the same path as the original, adding a few tweaks with new creatures, items, and resources. The objective is plain and simple, Survive. You have to build a base, have a fire, and collect or craft weapons, items, and resources to help you survive the open world. While surviving, you will tame and feed a few different types of dinosaurs and creatures. Shadowmanes are one of those creatures and this guide will show you how to find them at their spawn location in Ark Fjordur.

Where to Find Shadowmanes in ARK Fjordur


Shadowmanes Spawn Location Ark Fjordur

Shadowmanes are formidable Carnivores and will turn out to be very useful once you manage to tame them. They are either alone or found in packs of three and have the ability to cloak themselves with an invisible skin-like structure and turn invisible to naked eyes. Here’s the spawn location of Shadowmanes in Ark Fjordur for you to find them.

You need to travel to 36.6 Latitude and 52.7 Longitude heading West. Look for a purple forest close to the mountain. This is one of the spawn locations in which you can find Shadowmanes. The second location you can travel to is 57.1 Latitude and 51.3 Longitude heading North. This purple forest is right across the mountain and not far from the first location. Nevertheless, you can look for Shadowmanes in both these areas.


Shadowmanes prefer fish as the food source and are quite easy to tame. Since these purple forests have small ponds, you might be able to get the fish right here. Once you catch them, you can use them to travel distances, and carry certain objects.

That’s all you need from this guide to find Shadowmanes at their spawn location. While you are here, make sure you check out Desmodus Spawn Location, Andrewsarchus Spawn Location, and other guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.