Ark Fjordur Deinonychus: How To Find, Tame & Incubate

Here is your guide on how to find and tame your own Deinonychus in ARK Fjordur.

Playing ARK is no easy task. Learning how to survive without any help is not going to get you far. And so, you must learn how to tame various creatures in the game. One of the most useful dinosaurs that you can tame is the Deinonychus. However, getting one can be difficult if you don’t know where and how to get one yourself. In this guide, we will show you the steps that you need to take to tame a Deinonychus in ARK Fjordur.

How to Tame a Deinonychus in ARK Fjordur

How to Tame a Deinonychus in ARK Fjordur

You can only tame a Deinonychus by stealing its fertilized eggs. Steal one of their eggs and hatch it to obtain a tamed Deinonychus. This is easier said than done as getting one egg will lead to a very aggressive set of parents. While otherwise, they aren’t really aggressive in nature. This means that you can walk right up to the nest with no problem. However, getting away with the egg is going to be quite difficult. As they will do whatever they can to get their eggs back.

While you can find Deinonychus nests everywhere, you will have better luck in finding one in the small canyon region near the Lake region. This is within the White Cliffs called the Paradise and is in the flat plains area of the cliffs. You can also find these nests in the following areas:

  • 45.9° Latitude, 67.0° Longitude
  • 45.2° Latitude, 71.8° Longitude
  • 51.2° Latitude, 69.5° Longitude
  • 56.9° Latitude, 74.4° Longitude

How to Steal and Incubate an Egg from a Deinonychus Nest

Use any one or more of these tames to steal a Deinonychus egg:

  • Lymantria
  • A high-level Pteranodon
  • Roll Rat
  • Sabertooth
  • Yutyrannus

Use these tames to steal the Deinonychus eggs for you to have better chances at getting one to tame a Deinonychus in the game.

Once you get the egg, you must incubate it inside an incubator or by using air conditioners, fires, or dimetrodons. Make sure that the incubation temperature is between 176 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit. From your egg, a baby Deinonychus dinosaur should break out. Once your dinosaur hatches, you can feed it regular carnivore food to satiate it.

This is your guide on how to get and tame your own Deinonychus. If you like playing Ark Fjordur then check out this article on the best Ark Fjordur organic polymer farming locations.