Lethal Company: Are Ship Upgrades Permanent? (Answered)

Want to know if the ship upgrades stay in Lethal Company? Here is everything you need to know about them.

In Lethal Company, many will agree that the ship is one of the integral parts of the crew and in many ways helps players throughout their run. Along with the various tools and items that the ship’s terminal provides, there are certain ship upgrades that you can purchase to make it even better. These upgrades make things easier for the Captain who has the responsibility to protect his co-workers in hostile environments. However, since these upgrades cost certain amounts of credits, one might wonder if they are permanent and if they will stay during different runs.

Since the ship upgrades are important and will help you in certain situations, knowing everything about them is necessary. And considering that you will want to meet the quota of the Company at the end of your run, you will need to think about whether or not the upgrades are worth the credits or not. So if you wondering whether the ship has permanent upgrades, then here is everything you need to know about it.

Are Ship Upgrades Permanent in Lethal Company?

Are Installed Ship Upgrades Permanent In Lethal Company?

Unfortunately, players will find out that the ship upgrades are not permanent in Lethal Company. Once you face certain death or are unable to reach the quota given by the Company, you will be eliminated which will reset everything including all the upgrades you installed on the ship. Since the game requires you to start a fresh run after being eliminated, all of the installed upgrades are removed.

This makes things rather difficult as you will have to purchase them once again with the credits. Players will have to install the upgrades accordingly during their run. There are three ship upgrades available for players to install in Lethal Company. Each upgrade provides them with unique abilities from a loud horn to repel enemies to a Teleporter which can be used to teleport other players to the ship. Here is how many credits it costs to purchase these upgrades in the game:

  • Loud Horn – 150 credits
  • Teleporter – 375 credits
  • Inverse Teleporter – 425 credits

These ship upgrades can be purchased from the terminal itself along with other items and tools. Lethal Company resets everything once you fail to reach the quota which includes outfits, decor, and upgrades. However, you might not find all the upgrades useful in different moons and situations. We would recommend you install the upgrades when needed to save up the credits in Lethal Company.

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