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Arcane Repository New World: Everything You Need To Know About This Crafting Bench

Here is a guide on the Arcane Repository in New World.

In New World, you can live a life of a Warrior, Viking, and the like; Slashing, Attacking, and Cutting your enemies down. That is not the limit to New World. New World, being a Fantasy world, has many Magic Items like Potions and Staffs which will make you feel like a Wizard. To use such Items, you will need a have the Arcana skill and access to the Arcane Repository. In this guide, I will explain everything about the Arcane Repository in New World.

What is an Arcane Repository in New World?


arcane repository

An Arcane Repository is a Crafting bench where you can craft a Magical Item. With the help of the Arcane Repository you can make a Wizard, Mage, Sorceror, or Healer builds. In an Arcane Repository, you are shown an interface that will have a list of magical items like Iron Life Staff, Iron Fire Staff, Shaman Initiate’s Staff, and more as well as Potions like Weak Health Potion, Common Focus Potion, and that like. To craft these items you will need to satisfy three conditions which are Has Resources, Arcane Repository Tier level, and Arcana Lvl. If you satisfy these conditions you will be able to craft that item.

Where to find the Arcane Repository?


Arcane Repositories are found in Major Settlements.  They are marked with a Triangle inside a Circle and another circle in that Triangle on the Map. Think of the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Symbol but without the Elder Wand, that’s the symbol used to denote the Arcane Repository in New World.

What can you do with it?

Like I mentioned above, Arcanists are the players you have speced into the magic side of New World. They can craft Items like Weapons, Potions, Tinctures, etc. Depending on the crafting conditions in the Arcane Repository, you will be able to craft that item. Let’s say you want to craft a Weak Health Potion. You will need Tier 1 Medicinal Reagents (PRIMARY) and Water, this fulfills the Has Resources condition. Next, you will have to find an Arcane Repository Tier 2 as well as have at least an Arcana Skill Lvl.0 to be able to craft the Potion. This is basically how you will be able to craft anything in the Arcane Repository.


This was all about the Arcane Repository in New World. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in your journey to be the Master Arcanist in your Server. You can also check our guides on Amrine Excavation and Upgrading Tools in New World.